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RIP Dave Dilegge (Updated)

Tue, 05/05/2020 - 9:33pm

Dave Dilegge passed away Saturday morning. It's a shock to his family and a great loss to our small wars community.

--- updated to add: Dave's obituary (with tribute wall and sympathy store) and memorial charity Best Friends. ----

Capt Dilegge in Desert Storm

It would be wrong to under-value what so very many contributors bring to the community here, but even wronger to fail to express how very much Small Wars Journal is Dave's vision and his site. There are many contradictions in life, and SWJ is very much a community powered by one man. SWJ has been Dave's duty and labor of love since 2005; its earlier incarnations were the Urban Operations Journal and the MOUT Homepage.

For now, please appreciate that his family and SWJ are very much on our heels. We will have more to say later about Dave, and about the way ahead for SWJ.

Dave's family welcome any and all writings from the community about Dave and the impact he had. Please express them via your various platforms and feel free to send a link or a separate note to That's a new address that is, for the moment, not monitored but will find its way soon.



Sun, 05/09/2021 - 10:47am

Dave,   The irascible man.   Thought you would see 100 given your intensity in everything about life.   Your family should take comfort that you truly made a positive difference and left indelible fond memories in our live. 

I just don't get how guys like you can spend life working so hard for others, only to have the rug pulled when finally time to ease up and relish all you have worked so hard to achieve for you and your loved ones. 

Fair winds, following seas and we'll have a cold one on the other side.

With greatest respect and regard,

Semper Fi.

Mike Scheiern

You’ll be missed deeply in so many ways, Dave. Always a friend, mentor, and lifelong inspiration. Your profound impact will never rest. Thank you.   


I wish I knew what to say.  Thank you Dave for taking my articles....thank you for providing a venue for those down in the dirt.  You made a difference....more than we did.