Small Wars Journal

ANA Counterinsurgency Capabilities Report

Report on Counterinsurgency Capabilities

Within the Afghan National Army

Afghan National Army Lessons Learned Center

This report includes input from members of a Collection and Analysis Team (CAAT) from the Afghan National Army Lessons Learned Center and the US Center for Army Lessons Learned.

22 February 2010

This report brings together two very important military capabilities: Counterinsurgency Operations, and Lessons Learned. Counterinsurgency operations are how we fight. The Lessons Learned process allows us to change how we fight by showing the Amy what works, and what doesn't work on the battlefield. The battlefield we fight on today is our own backyard. We are fighting an enemy who has the nerve to bring the fight to the streets, villages, and cities of Afghanistan. We must be able to call upon our countrymen to support our security forces as we fight for the protection of our country.

One of the main tenants of counterinsurgency operations is the cooperation of the people. The people are our countrymen. They are our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. If we lose them as allies, we have truly lost.

MG Salem

General Director

Doctrine & Concepts Directorate

Afghan National Army Training Command

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