Due to political volatility, economic uncertainty, and social norms, the Republic of Yemen's current supply of fresh water is not sustainable.

A national catastrophe embroiling Yemen’s neighbors and a microcosm of the problems existing throughout the greater Middle East.

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Congress is right to try and take back their war powers before they are eroded by yet another administration. War Powers Resolution section 8(c) represents one excellent opportunity.

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A complex proxy war between Iran and the US/Saudi coalition. Iran directly supports the Houthis and via its proxy Hezbollah. The US provides support to Saudi Arabia in its operations in Yemen.

This paper presents an analytical summary of the Yemeni Republican Guard’s adaptation to changing conditions in Yemen following the 2011 resignation of Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The pressures on Yemen are centrifugal rather than centripetal, by which the power of the center is weakened to the benefit of poles of regional power. These centrifugal forces could make it...

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As some try to connect the dots of recent events, is there an Iranian role in what appears to be Stage 2 of the Arab Spring?

Looking to Plan Colombia to create a Plan Yemen.

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Drone strikes may be part of an answer, but they are not the answer.  

Now is the time for the United Nations to harden the edges of their action and provide a new resolution.

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R2P, its historical roots, applications, and its confrontation with the "wicked" problems in Libya and Syria.

Haste makes waste - or how not to push Yemen over the cliff.

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Considering future scenarios in Yemen.

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Robert Sharp and Fahad Malaikah explore the critical partnership between the U.S. and Yemen amidst the recent election and continuing Al Qaeda attacks.

As Yemen faces presidential elections on February 21, for which only one candidate is standing, Robert Sharp and Fahad Malaikah ponder what is next for the country.