Journal Article | June 28, 2013 01:30 AM | Comments(4)

Danish philosopher Kierkegaard noted almost 200 years ago, “There are only two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true....

Journal Article | July 6, 2012 03:30 AM | Comments(21)

To understand and address the tensions between “winning the present and winning the future” a joint force capable of “deep thinking” is required.

Journal Article | April 5, 2012 03:36 AM | Comments(102)

Disruptive thinkers: the way to reinvigorate a senseless bureaucracy or a threat to the establishment? 

Journal Article | February 11, 2012 07:11 AM | Comments(13)

Dan McCauley urges us to consider strategic thinking and apply it in considering our complex problems.