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Soft power is an expansive concept, and every one of Mr. Trump’s immature tweets stands to lessen U.S. credibility as the example of a moral force.

The potential threat posed by Special Interest Aliens is receiving renewed emphasis, particularly in view of the recent terrorist attacks across Europe and North Africa.

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The five cases examined in this study show that a long-term solution must be aimed at preventing self-radicalization in the first place.

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Beware the lure of "credibility."

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In civil wars like Syria’s, strength is not necessarily a product of popularity; often strength actually produces popularity because compliance is more important than winning hearts and minds.

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A national standard from which to identify individuals who have left these footprints and are on the path to becoming violent would be invaluable to law enforcement, especially at the local level.

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The threat exists and continues to operate. But more importantly we must understand that it is waging unconventional warfare and only using terrorism as one of the means of its strategy.

While not democracy in the American image, the Arab Spring has the potential to bring Islamists into conflict with jihadists.

If Patriot and Iron Dome made Israelis feel more secure, then they succeeded at their most important task.

A critical analysis of statements by Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri reveal a fragmented and weakened Al Qaeda disguising its internal incoherence and lack of appealing strategic and political...

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Click through to a few SWJ articles on Chechnya and the separatist insurgency there.

Some US objectives remain unmet.

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The study demonstrates the naivety of a superpower that allows an alleged ally to receive billions of dollars with which Pakistan financed groups that kill American soldiers almost on a daily basis.

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The CIA should focus on gathering intelligence to inform policy makers and to attack the underlying causes and enablers of terrorist group formation and action.

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West German law enforcement used combinations of intelligence analysis and HUMINT collection while simultaneously engaging and disrupting the Red Army Faction.

David Headley, born in the US to an American mother and a Pakistani father, changed his name from Gaood Gilani in 2006 so that he could map and videotape the Mumbai targets without raising...

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Terrorism can and should be defined for the discrete purpose of developing international counterterrorism strategies by countries with common interests and shared objectives. 

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True to its name, Syed Saleem Shahzad’s Inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban goes beyond the common misperception of Al-Qaeda as a static organization serving the whims of Osama Bin Laden.

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The challenges facing a military campaign to retake northern Mali.

The evolution of al-Qaeda's media strategy.

From the outset, the U.S. treated Al Qaeda as a military objective instead of an organization to be understood, penetrated, and permanently dismantled. 

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A warning and call to action from the French criminologist.

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The barbarians have come and the rules of war and peace stand transformed.

Spencer Ackerman provides a good first summation of an extended, coordinated attack that killed the US Ambassador to Libya at the Danger Room blog.

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 “We’ve won the war,” General Dan Halutz boasted.