Though newly arrived in Army doctrine, the concept of operational design finds precedent in American military history.

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This is a draft chapter from a military design book project that the author is working on pursuant to his doctoral degree completion.

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SWJ contributor Ben Zweibelson carries on the design discussion at NDU's PRISM journal.

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Deeper understanding of groupthink, its causes, and mitigation techniques should help a commander and his staff prevent it from occurring, and red teams can assist in the cause.

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The United States military wastes an inordinate amount of time attempting to solve symptoms instead of problems.

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Current strategic guidance documents rely upon catchphrases and hyperbole to defer tough national security decision-making.

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Design is to MDMP as the universe is to apples. All we can do now is apples.

Frequent SWJ contributor MAJ Ben Zweibelson discusses design at Military Review.

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Risk management and wicked messes like Afghanistan.

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Fit the operation to the narrative, not the narrative to the operation.

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One of the reasons, if not THE reason, that we struggled to accomplish our objectives in Afghanistan is that we applied an industrial-era approach to the way we conceptualize planning and operations.

Our team produced design deliverables that established a narrative and conveyed a recommendation that had a structured organizing logic associated with its creation.

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How "Design" was used in shaping a the way ahead in Afghanistan.

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The doctrine for wargaming during COA analysis falls short for small wars.

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To implement mission command successfully, a shared understanding of the environment, problem, and strategic intent must exist with echelons above and below.

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The Army is a learning organization, but it must avoid learning mumbo-jumbo.

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How operational planners applied military design to a wicked problem set in Afghanistan.

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Where do we go with Design in a post-COIN (for now) world?

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  How The Dead Poets Society Advocated Disruptive Thinkers, Why DoD Shouldn't Encourage More Disruptive Thinkers, and 10 Principles for Those That do Think Disruptively

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Dan McCauley argues that the unimaginative 2012 Strategic Defense Guidance calls for some creative thinking.

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It isn't either - or.  How the center of gravity fits into the design process.