The point of departure of this paper is that the UN has not defined offensive operations, and specified what this means in practice.

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This essay explores the themes of UN peacekeeping offensive operations and Unexploded Ordinance, Explosive Remnants of War and Improvised Explosive Devices.

The Security Council’s decision to lower the troop ceiling by 3,600 troops is not necessarily as drastic as it sounds. MONUSCO operates at well below its authorized troop levels anyway.

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What role does Iraq play in the development of the Syrian crisis?

As India’s ambitions and might grow, attachments to the UN and to UNPKOs are eroding in favor of more hard-headed assessments

Now is the time for the United Nations to harden the edges of their action and provide a new resolution.

Without a more unified and coercive strategy from the international community, Assad will likely remain in power for the immediate future. 

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R2P, its historical roots, applications, and its confrontation with the "wicked" problems in Libya and Syria.

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With the UN Security Council closed for business, the international community is clamoring for a way to increase the costs on President Bashar al-Assad.  Here are some of the options that...