There are many competing factors involved in this crisis which could create challenges to regional security should diplomatic tools fail to solve their differences.

Russia will try to parlay its military successes into a diplomatic bargain that offers the Kremlin implicit control of Syria’s political destiny.

Diversionary war theory generally denotes attention to troubled leadership that may juxtapose domestic quandaries with instigation or enjoining forces to external crises.

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The principal recommendation for NATO reform here, is to expel Turkey, recognize Kurdistan, and end Ankara’s pipe dream of accession to the European Union.

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Named Operation Euphrates Shield, this ongoing Turkish military operation demonstrates the continued relevance of land power for achieving strategic objectives.

A look inside the increasingly pivotal nation.

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What role does Iraq play in the development of the Syrian crisis?

When it comes to their old strategy of “zero problems with neighbors,” Turkey’s worst foreign policy headache might not be Syria...

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Turkey and the PKK - whither U.S. policy?