As the Peshmerga retreats in northern Iraq, two American foreign policy experts answer questions about America’s relationship with the Kurds.

Hanna Bohman and Joanna Palani. What do a former model from Canada and a politics student from Denmark have in common?

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The Syrian civil war has to be understood as a conflict that is surpassing national borders and which can’t be solved by military and diplomatic concentrated on only one small region.

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The human terrain of Syria is shifting. Buried below last week’s headlines was the news of what might amount to the largest proposed population swap in recent history.

The Desert Hawks are a hybrid entity, both SyAA strike force and Jaber brothers PMC. The latter role has allowed them to emerge as successful loyalist intermediaries.

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There are some good reasons to increase the U.S. military force level in Syria; but if we do, it should be a short and decisive intervention with a clear goal.

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Why do durable primordial-like identities persist? 

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The best example of a group worthy of our attention, care and support is the northern Syria all-female self-defense unit, the Women's Protection Units (or Women's Defense Units - YPJ).

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Named Operation Euphrates Shield, this ongoing Turkish military operation demonstrates the continued relevance of land power for achieving strategic objectives.

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Should Aleppo fall, the options for a military solution will require significantly higher levels of risk and a political solution will rely on terms dictated by Moscow and Tehran.

As Iraq appears to unravel, it is only right to continue the debate about counterinsurgency, the appropriate application of landpower, and  the expanding role of Special Operations in the US...

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Beware the lure of "credibility."

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In civil wars like Syria’s, strength is not necessarily a product of popularity; often strength actually produces popularity because compliance is more important than winning hearts and minds.

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Syria is already in crisis but the death or departure of President Bashar al-Asad is likely to intensify violence and destruction in the country, not quell it.

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Chavista strategists have decided its best course of action is to run Chavez for president for a fifth time, only this time by proxy.

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The explosive effects of rumors in Syria and insurgenceis around the world.

Regardless of whether Britain and France arm the rebels, Syria faces more challenges than Assad’s rule. An interview with Nathaniel Rosenblatt from Caerus Ascociates by Robert Tollast.  

Lebanon's national rejection of returning to civil war coupled with the buoyancy provided by the Lebanese Armed Forces will keep it from sinking into the Syrian abyss.

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There are some issues that are too important to remain unsolved.

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Is a major FSA operation underway?

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The war in Syria is entering a critical new phase in which the regime’s lines of communication between its stronghold cities are being seriously threatened.

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The Free Syrian Army has moved their war into the second phase of Mao's "people's struggle." 

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In the final part of this series, Iraq expert Kirk Sowell shines a light on the country's murky foreign policy.

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Regional proxy wars between Iran and the Arab Gulf are using Lebanon as their figurative prostitute.

The Syrian regime’s use of shelling and aircraft are now being complimented with wholesale executions in rebel-controlled neighborhoods.