On Carl von Clausewitz: What is less spoken of is his study of small wars and people’s war.

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Line-on-line warfare of the past hasn’t evolved into something completely new; it’s the greater quantity of small action conflict we should burden our minds with.

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Because we love Carl von Clausewitz and the center of gravity concept, we need to grant them a divorce- for our sake.

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Our doctrine overlooks the essence of war as a human enterprise.  This article explores how to rectify this within the context of supporting the evolution of the U.S. military towards Joint...

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If physical success on the battlefield cannot be translated into part of a larger aim, it is largely irrelevant even if it does a great deal of physical damage to the enemy.

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War is the coherent execution of all means to bring about sufficient adherence to a nation’s will in the international (global) arena; resulting in armed conflict only when all other means fail.

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The barbarians have come and the rules of war and peace stand transformed.

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Labor Day reading from Christopher Bassford courtesy of Dave Maxwell.

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There is a danger in the empirical mode of reasoning that it will lead us to think of a thousand locals or twenty counterinsurgents as homogenous units of human being. 

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Clausewitz and non-state actors - a combination that surely won't produce any disagreements, will it?