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11 October SWJ Roundup

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Commander Nominated to Lead War in Afghanistan - NYT

Obama Nominates New Commander for US, NATO Forces - WP

New Head of NATO-Led Forces in Afghanistan - BBC

Panetta: Afghan Campaign 'Succeeding' Despite Attacks - VOA

Panetta Presses Allies to Help Ease Training Team Shortfalls - S&S

Panetta Urges NATO Allies to Help Train Afghans - AP

NATO Commander Optimistic on Afghanistan, Despite Problems - VOA

Dempsey: Insider Attacks Won't Doom Partnership with Afghans - S&S

Panetta Details New Realities, Command Change in Afghanistan - AFPS

The Afghan War: Do the Numbers Add Up to Success? - McClatchy

Afghan Officials Denounce Group’s Report on Country’s Future - NYT

UN Defends Recommendation to Postpone Afghanistan Trip - Reuters

Saber Junction Reflects Post-Afghanistan Training Model - AFPS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Taliban Shooting of Girl Shocks Pakistan - VOA

Pakistani Teen Shot by Taliban Undergoes Surgery, Out of Danger - LAT

Reward for Pakistan Gunmen Arrest - BBC

Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban Defied Threats for Years - Reuters

Pakistanis Unite in Outrage Over Girl’s Shooting by Taliban - NYT

Shooting of Pakistan Girl Activist Sparks Outrage - AP

Muslim Clerics Quiet on Attack on Pakistani Girl - WP

Battle Eases Between Pakistani Government and High Court - NYT

Suspected US Drone Strike Kills 5 in Pakistan - VOA

US Drone Kills Five in Pakistan - BBC

The Taliban’s Terror - WP editorial

Malala Yousafzai’s Courage - NYT editorial

In Pakistan, One Girl’s Great Courage - WP opinion

Her ‘Crime’ Was Loving Schools - NYT opinion



Panetta: DOD Works with Jordan, Turkey on Syria Repercussions - AFPS

Panetta: US Sends Forces to Jordan - AP

Jordan Struggles to Absorb Refugees - NYT

Turkish Military Chief Warns Against Further Syrian Shelling - VOA

State TV Says Turkey Forces Syrian Plane to Land in Ankara - VOA

Tensions Escalate as Turkey Forces Down Syrian Passenger Jet - NYT

Turkey Forces Syrian Plane to Land - WP

Turkey Intercepts Syrian Plan Suspected of Carrying Arms - BBC

Turkey Says to Investigate Syrian Planes in Airspace - Reuters

Goods Available, Expensive in Damascus - VOA

Saudis a Malign Influence in Syria - WPR opinion



Congressional Panel Examines Benghazi Attack - VOA

Ex-Official Says Security in Libya was Reduced - WP

At Hearing on Libya Attack That Killed Envoy, Partisan Rift - NYT

Denied Requests for Security in Benghazi Left US Consulate 'Weak' - S&S

US Security at Benghazi Mission Called 'Weak' - Reuters

US Security in Libya 'Was Cut' - BBC

New Details, Timeline of Sept. 11 Consulate Attack in Libya - AP

At Hague, Libya Insists It Should Try Qaddafi Son - NYT

ICC Warned on Gaddafi Libya Trial - BBC

Obama Puts Politics Before National Security - WT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran's Supreme Leader Calls EU Support for Sanctions 'Foolish' - VOA

West Is Foolish to Celebrate Iran’s Currency Crisis, Ayatollah Says - NYT

Iran's Spy Agency Finds Voice in Cyberspace - AP

Egypt Releases Partial Draft of Charter - WP

Egypt Releases Draft of Constitution for Debate - AP

Egypt: Mubarak Loyalists Acquitted in Attack on Protest - AP


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Yemen Holds US Citizen for Suspected al-Qaida Ties - AP

UK Resumes Bid to Send Cleric to Jordan to Face Terror Charges - NYT

UK: Terror Suspects Face Kidnap Probe - BBC

French Investigators Find Bomb-Making Materials - NYT

Indonesia Warns of Threat Before Bali Anniversary - AP

An Un-Dangerous Mind - NYT opinion



NATO Chief Welcomes New Military Leaders, Discusses Afghanistan - AFPS

Panetta: Afghan Campaign 'Succeeding' Despite Attacks - VOA

Panetta Presses Allies to Help Ease Afghanistan Training Team Shortfalls - S&S

NATO Commander Optimistic on Afghanistan, Despite Problems - VOA

ISAF Leader Allen Tapped to Lead NATO, EUCOM - S&S

Russian FM: Ties with NATO Strained by Disputes - AP

Troop Numbers to Remain Stable for Kosovo, Rasmussen Says - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Charges Tarnish High-Profile Career of BG Jeffrey Sinclair - FO

Medical Intelligence Center Monitors Health Threats - AFPS

Chairman, Enlisted Advisor Urge Service Members to Vote - AFPS


United States

VA Won’t Oust Chief of Staff Over Conferences Scandal - S&S

Man Linked to Anti-Islam Film Denies Violating Probation - Reuters



Military Officer Pleads Guilty to Espionage - AP



Report Challenges Beliefs on Sexual Attacks in War - AP



Nigerian Task Force Denies Killings in Borno State - VOA

Lynchings Shut Nigeria University - BBC

UN Official: Islamists in Mali Are Targeting Women - AP

Kenyan President Rejects Lawmakers Bonuses - VOA

Zimbabwe HIV Activists Push for Government Accountability - VOA

South African Anger Over Roads to Zuma Home - BBC



Mexican Drug Lord's Death Hailed - BBC

Mexico Says Drug Lord Taken Down by Accident - AP

Mexico Sees Zetas Cartel Uniting Behind New Leader - Reuters

Venezuela’s Chavez: “Will Continue to Speak Out Against Imperialism” - VOA

Venezuela's Chavez Names Maduro Vice-President - Reuters

Chavez Names New Vice President in Venezuela - AP

Guatemalan President Won't Use Army in Protests - AP

Brazil's Supreme Court Elects 1st Black President - AP

Haiti: Islam's Inroads in Land of Voodoo and Christianity - AP

Chavez Proves Autocrats Can Win at Ballot Box - Bloomberg opinion

For Chavez, Worst May Be Yet to Come - RCW opinion


Asia / Pacific

Asia's Aging Populations Pose Challenges for Economies - VOA

China Snubs IMF, World Bank Meetings in Japan - VOA

China Snubs Financial Meetings in Japan in Dispute Over Islands - NYT

China in Japan IMF Meeting Snub - BBC

US Will Place Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels - NYT

Amnesty: Forced Home Evictions Are Rising in China - AP

Long Reliant on China, Burma Now Turns to Japan - NYT

N. Korea Says Long-Range Missile Test Now More Likely - NYT

Malaysian Growth Hides Vulnerability - WP

Indonesia Warns of Threat Before Bali Anniversary - AP



Russia Won’t Renew Pact on Weapons With US - NYT

Russia to Withdraw from Arms Pact with US - WP

Russia Says No to US-Funded Disarmament Effort - AP

Russian FM: Ties with NATO Strained by Disputes - AP

Russia Frees One Punk Rocker, Keeps Two in Jail - VOA

Russia Frees One Member of Punk Protest Band - NYT

What If Britain Left the EU? - CSM opinion


South Asia

Iranian Minister Woos Indian Businesses - AP