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Taliban Overruns 3 Districts in Southern Afghanistan (0)

Indian Forces Kill Jaish-e-Mohammed Commander in Kashmir (0)

Iranian-Linked Bomb Kills American Solider in Iraq (0)

Lessons Learned From 15 Years in Afghanistan (0)

US Resumes Strikes Against Islamic State in Libya (0)

LWJ Map Assessment: Taliban Controls or Contests 45% of Afghan Districts (0)

JNIM Claims Large Assault in Kidal, Mali (0)

Taliban Retakes District in Afghan Northwest (0)

AFRICOM Hits Shabaab With 3 'Precision Airstrikes' (0)

Hezbollah and Allies Parade in Deir Ezzor, Syria (0)

ISIS Loses More Ground in Raqqa, Deir Ezzor (0)

Anatomy of a Taliban Ambush (0)

Taliban Overruns 2 Districts in Afghan East (0)

Beheadings in Libya Reaffirm Islamic State's Foothold (0)

Mapping Terrorist Groups Operating Inside Pakistan (0)

Taliban Retakes District in Northern Afghanistan (0)

AFRICOM Targets Shabaab Twice in Southern Somalia (0)

US To Designate the IRGC, Affiliates as Terrorists (0)

Iraqi Shia Militias Promote Training Camps in Syria (0)

Iran Continues to Protect AMIA Bombing Suspects (0)

The Terrorist Diaspora: After the Fall of the Caliphate (0)