August, 2012

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August, 2012

Articles Published During August, 2012

08/01 - The Role of Identity in the Outbreak of the Yugoslavian Wars by Joanna D. Caytas
08/02 - Agents of Destruction: Hizb'allah - A Primer on the Party of Allah by Sandra Warmoth
08/03 - Insurgency Disruption for the Warfighter by John Kenneley
08/05 - The Guatemalan Prelude by Matthew Schweitzer
08/07 - Discussion Note: Is a Post-Conflict Army Reconstruction Framework Possible, or Useful? by Colin Robinson
08/07 - Bull in a China Shop? Attack Aviation and the COIN Battlefield by Lee Robinson
08/09 - A Tradition That Never Was by M.L.R. Smith
08/09 - The COiNventional Wisdom by Grant M. Martin
08/11 - The Slow Motion Coup: Militarization and the Implications of Eisenhower’s Prescience by Wm. J. Olson
08/13 - The Role of Ethics in the 21st Century Joint Force by Dan McCauley
08/14 - Seeking The Edge: Getting A Handle On Game-Changing Technologies In The National Security Community by August Cole
08/14 - Extreme Violence and Terrorism in Mexico by Howard Campbell and Tobin Hansen
08/15 - Rethinking the Subcomponents of World Order by Barry Zellen
08/16 - An Anthropological Comparative Study Of The European Oil Sanctions Against Iran by Alexander Ghaleb
08/17 - Intel Sharing with Afghans Presents Challenges by Bob Couture
08/20 - A New Trinity for an Asymmetric World: The Organic, Synthetic and Ethereal by Barry Zellen
08/21 - Review Essay: History and Hybrid Warfare by Frank Hoffman
08/22 - An Argument for Non-Medic Combat Arms Soldiers Conducting Live Tissue Training as a Pre-Deployment Requirement by Louis H. Smith IV, MS
08/23 - Could Pakistan Use Nuclear Weapons in a Future Conflict with Afghanistan? by Niels Klingenberg Vistisen
08/23 - Iraq In The Middle Part V: David Forsythe on Iraq’s Relations with its Democratic Partners by Robert Tollast and David Forsythe
08/27 - U.S. Amphibious Forces: Indispensible Elements of American Seapower by The Ellis Group
08/27 - War: Each of Us Students by Garrett Wood
08/28 - The War on Terror - Over? by Jai Singh and Ajay Singh
08/28 - Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail: When CONOPs Replace OPORDs by Thomas Doherty
08/29 - Guadalajara: The Next Epicenter of Violence in Mexico? by Sylvia Longmire
08/29 - Why Lebanon Will Not Fall by Sterling Jensen and Robert Sharp
08/30 - Book Review: Democracy, Islam and Secularism in Turkey by Youssef Aboul-Enein
08/30 - Revelations on the Killing of Osama bin Laden by Butch Bracknell
08/31 - The Costs of War with Iran: An Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield by Michael Cummings and Eric Cummings

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