Presenting SWJ Vol 6, No. 10

Roughly on time (go us!) here's

volume 6, number 10

of Small Wars Journal. It continues our emerging m.o. of presenting an index of

all the Journal articles published in the past month.  This month, in

addition to a few select reprints, we debut some new material with the issue and

present content on two broad themes: 1. Defining the nature and environment of

current warfare; 2. Negotiating the peace.

We've remedially published issues and indices covering all of 2010 -- they're

accessible now through the archives sidebar on the

Journal main page, and

our archives will get easier to access with pending renovations to the site. We

are now on a regular monthly schedule (two months in a row!) and will continue

to expand the new content and features in future issues as we build throughput

and capacity.

In Vol 6, No. 10click

here for the

full issue, on titles below for individual articles

  • Civil Society and Counterinsurgency by A. Lawrence Chickering
  • COIN, Complexity, and Full-Spectrum Warfare by Grant M. Martin
  • Negotiating with the Taliban by Franz-Stefan Gady
  • Afghanistan: It Never Hurts to Talk by Gary Anderson

  • Planning a Military Campaign to Support Negotiations in Afghanistan by

    Bernard Finel

  • Design and the Prospects for Critical Dialogue by Christopher R.


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