Small Wars Journal

SWJ Blog Kick-Off

Welcome to the SWJ Blog. The content will start to flow over the next several days from our illustrious Editor-in-Chief, and several contributing authors who we are very glad to have aboard. This is a short opening note on terrain appreciation, while we continue to clear the dust.

First, many thanks to Marvin Hutchens of ThreatsWatch and other sites, for making all of this technology insertion possible, and for putting up with us in the interest of national security and like-mindedness. S/F.

Second, we require a TypeKey registration for all comments. This is to reduce spam and frivolous comments, as there is enough noise out there in the e-world. We hope all of you serious posters will jump over that low hurdle and join us. Our Privacy Policy has been updated with information on TypeKey.

Finally, we hope this blog becomes a welcome addition to the Small Wars community, and look forward to better serving you through continued enhancements to our site.


Steve (not verified)

Fri, 01/12/2007 - 3:42pm

Good news for all small wars (or combined new favorite term) enthusiasts!