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Strategic Misfortunes

Infinity Journal has just released its 2nd Special Edition, “Strategic Misfortunes”. This special edition contains articles regarding what can be learned from both historical and current strategic failures, which may help the strategist and policymaker in the future. Apart from an Introduction to “Strategic Misfortunes” by Infinity Journal’s Publisher, A.E. Stahl, article contributors include Colin S. Gray, Antulio J. Echevarria, II, Eado Hecht, Gian Gentile, C. Dale Walton, and Adam Elkus. 

To coincide with Infinity Journal’s new Special Edition, they have also launched the new Infinity Journal website. A.E. Stahl states the reason for the new site is that “Our key focus has been to improve the experience and ensure that our website reflects the quality of the publication.”

Registration is required but the publication and all resources on the website are free –