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Small Wars Journal Admin Note # 2017-2

Small Wars Journal Admin Note # 2017-2

First up, thanks for the recommendations and offers generated by the first Admin Note. Much more to come in subsequent notes with specifics on areas I could use assistance / expertise / advice.

Results (finalists) of SWJ/MWG writing contest will be posted early Monday (10 April) morning and will include title, author and a short description for each of the 23 articles that made the cut. There were 67 submissions - thanks to all who entered.

I’ll start posting the winning articles on Tuesday and plan on posting 1 or 2 a day until all 23 are published.

For all those having problems in creating new accounts at SWJ and its Small Wars Council - please be patient, I’m searching for a solution. SWJ switched out to a different email platform and that seemed to fix the problem - for about a week. Truly, thanks for your patience and I hope to have a solution soon.

Interested in writing book reviews? I get offers every week from publishers who would like to provide review copies of soon to be published books. You write the review, the publisher will provide the book and SWJ will publish your take on the book. Let me know -

Much, much more to follow…

Dave Dilegge

Small Wars Journal Admin Note # 2017-1