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Small Wars Journal Admin Note # 2017-1

Small Wars Journal Admin Note # 2017-1

Over the next week SWJ will be posting a series of administrative notes concerning issues important to the Journal and its readership. The most pressing near-term items will be addressed; the writing contest and the tech sign-up problems are but two examples. Mid- and long-term issues will also be discussed in these notes. In particular will be a call to form a core team to take SWJ into the future. There is no SWJ ‘staff’, for several years now I've been the staff and am looking for the right (and passionate) help (volunteer at first) on many areas - administrative, technical, editing, author outreach, book reviewers, marketing and fundraising, intern management, and the list goes on. One very important task will focus on organizing 0ver 13 years of SWJ articles and blog posts for ease of access for our future warriors. Again, 'right' means a passion for Small Wars / Irregular Warfare.

I’ve been doing this since 1998 with the debut of the MOUT Homepage, which became the Urban Operations Journal, which became the Small Wars Journal. I turn 62 next month and want to shape SWJ for a turnover to a dedicated crew in 2-3 years. Much more on this in the notes.

This week I’ll be posting several Journal articles and blog posts, ease into restarting the 24/7 news coverage, and be contacting the 20 writing contest authors whose papers made the final cut out of the original 67 submissions. For authors who have not received an email from me rejecting your article SWJ plans on publishing them beginning next week. More on this in subsequent admin notes. Admin note #2 will be posted on Thursday.


Dave Dilegge



Tue, 04/04/2017 - 5:53pm

Thanks for the update on the plan. Sterling work by you to make SWJ so great.