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Mapping Military Needs, Aided by a Big Projection

Mapping Military Needs, Aided by a Big Projection by Thom Shanker of the New York Times.

Three times so far this year, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the regional war-fighting commanders have assembled at a military base south of the capital, where a giant map of the world, larger than a basketball court, was laid out on the ground, giving the sessions an appearance of a lethally earnest game of Risk...


Dave Maxwell

Wed, 09/12/2012 - 5:47am


General Dempsey said the military was confronting “a strategic inflection point, where the institution fundamentally re-examines itself.” The seminar project he started fits his goal: to try to build the right military force for five years from now — and not be driven by the budget cycle into a series of year-by-year decisions.

Or year-by-year budget NON-DECISIONS.