Small Wars Journal

Darn that was @#$% painful

We just experienced a good chunk of down time. Partly because of my fog, but honestly c/o some legitimate friction too. Clausewitz survives the information age! Anyway, we're 99% up and running now, just have a glitch in the blog comments that is temporarily preventing you from commenting. Working on it.

In the interim, feel free to bash us over in this thread in the Small Wars Council. And please use that forum as a place to report any problems you may be having. Proactive suggestions are welcome, too.

Updated, about 1:15 US Eastern... OK. It looks like comments are working now, and that should be it for restoring the status quo. Thanks (really) to all those who contacted us in the past 12 hours to let us know we were screwed up. Although this time we knew we were in with the alligators, we don't always. FYI, blog comments now require an e-mail address. TypeKey provides a utility for you to pass that through them without typing it in. You should trip over that next time you try to comment, and once you have authorized that it shouldn't bug you again.

Our Privacy Policy will be updated to reflect soon, but in short, this e-mail address is only required and used if needed for comment moderation; we will safeguard it and will NEVER sell or rent your personal information. Unfortunately, some of our comments do need moderation. And, FYI, without TypeKey we were getting a 10:1 spam to legit comment ratio. Sorry, but TypeKey or something like it seems to be necessary.

We know our current set up isn't perfect, and it does impair some of our deployed users in particular. Again, the Small Wars Council / Journal forum is a good place for your general site comments. And this thread asks for TypeKey problem info. Also let us know if there's another site that is working better for you, so we can try to poach their good methods. We just can't strip off all the automated trash and go wandering off naked in the e-world, there's too much white noise out there.