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CJCS: Let's Continue the Dialogue & Keep Sharing

Via CJCS General Dempsey's Facebook Page: "Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs and lectures this week! I saw several familiar names out there like Small Wars Journal, TED, our own DoDLive, and even blogs run by service members. These conversations contribute to our Profession of Arms and they help connect our military and civilian communities. Let's continue this dialogue and keep sharing!"


Thanks for the kind comments Dave. That said, our community of interest and practice - people like you - are the real bedrock of SWJ. Bill and I simply provided a forum where those with experience, wisdom, and the ability to link the past to the future could sound off. Your support, in more ways than one, is dearly appreciated. - Dave D

Dave Maxwell

Sun, 07/08/2012 - 9:14pm

Congratulations to Dave Dilegge and Bill Nagle for establishing one of the premier web sites for discourse and exchanging ideas on the the complexity of war and conflict (small and large!). You both have made a remarkable contribution.