A Dilegge Rant

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Since most of you don’t donate to SWJ maybe you can throw me a marketing bone (by liking and following at the links above) in my new small business (not Small Wars) start-up to help pay some bills… The roundup is time intensive (3 hours plus) and sometimes I feel foolish for maintaining it.

One of my pet peeves is, when I have to step away from the roundup, how many e-mails I get requesting it be reinstated because of how valuable it is in one’s work effort. So, let me get this straight, you make money off your profession, but expect me to spend the wee hours of the morning helping you to continue to make money and I get what, exactly? A bunch of emails from those who pay nada for the service requesting I keep at it.

Moreover, SWJ is in an overall budget crunch - we really need money to keep the lights on. You decide. Your decision to not support SWJ may make my life and those of others a whole lot easier as I, and our all-volunteer staff, could focus 100% of our efforts on numero uno.

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You got me! Donation just went in!

Hopefully mine keeps the coffee pot cooking!


Thanks all, so far, we got a little bit further in keeping the lights on and most of you who contributed have done so in the past and we appreciate your efforts...

It was a pleasure sending in a contribution to SWJ. Given that SWJ was the only venue that gave a 'fair shake' to one's al Zawahiri paper back in 2010, it was the least that one could do. Keep up the good work and many thanks for providing this venue for the exposition of multiple and often divergent viewpoints on the topics within the orbit of small wars.

I think I re-newed my contribution late last year, but can't remember if it came out of my bank account. Did it ever make it to the Small Wars Foundation?

Another donation on the way.

Some greenbacks and Twitter support inbound!

You shamed me into donating, meant to a long time ago, but I needed a rant to get me across the line :-).

Here's for new soap for the head. You're on my midsummer list but I'll do half now and the other half later.

Not only are the bug zappers on but we can now afford a night light in the mess hall's head. We have a long way to go...

Most appreciated Michael, John and Andrew. Really.

Claude, thanks much!

Madhu, thank you so much.

Sorry I can't "Like" on FB, but happy to follow on Twitter as a fellow food hound (consumer, not producer - other than baking bread).

A few bucks also downrange via PayPal to help keep the lights on.

Keep up the good work!

Many thanks for that and the donation. It means a lot as this site is a labor of love but can become quite frustrating at times in keeping it solvent.

Make that two donations to SWJ now, thanks David and Sam.

Which adds up to 100 dollars. We have run out of grant money, we can now keep on the bug zappers on the back porch, maybe.

Thanks Anthony, we are now up t0 $200, bug zappers covered, whole damn household / empire to cover now...

So we are well over 100 reads so far. One donation, from a long time SWJ/SWC volunteer, and no likes or follows so far on what supports me so I can continue to do what I do here. And the last two are freebies. I have to ask, how selfish of a society have we become? I really don't get it.

Donation made and for those who need a link: http://smallwarsjournal.com/content/support