Small Wars Journal

7 January SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Eight NATO Troops Killed in 24 Hours - WP

8 NATO Service Members Killed in Afghan Attacks - NYT

Explosions Kill 6 Afghan Children, 5 NATO Troops - AP

Lawmakers May Seek to Block Taliban Transfer - Reuters

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS



Pakistani Ex-Ambassador Fears for Life - WP

Pakistan's Former Envoy to U.S. Caught in Web of Scandal - Reuters

A Pakistani Spring? - NYT opinion



Iran's Posturing, Displays of Strength May Reflect Insecurities - S&S

Asian Nations Seek to Oil Purchases From Iran - NYT

Increasingly Isolated, Iranian Leader to Visit Allies in Latin America - NYT

West Readies Oil Stocks Release as Iran Plans War Games - Reuters

EU States Consider Delay on Any Iran Oil Ban - Reuters

US Rescues Iranians Held Hostage by Pirates - VOA

US Navy Rescues Iranian Hostages - BBC

After Warning to Leave Gulf, US Warship Rescues Iranian Hostages - WP

US Navy Rescues Iran Fishermen Held by Somalia Pirates - LAT

Navy Rescues Iranians Held by Pirates - Reuters

America’s Drone in Iran’s Neighborhood - WT opinion



Suicide Blast Rocks Syrian Capital - VOA

Deadly Explosion Strikes Syrian Capital - WP

Bombing in Capital Kills as Many as 26, Injures Dozens - LAT

Bombing in Syrian Capital of Damascus Kills 25 - AP

Syria Vows 'Iron Fist' after Bomb - BBC

Qatar Says Syria Protocol Not Being Implemented - Reuters



Official: Shiite Militia Will Lay Down Arms, Join Political Process - AP

Blast Kills 2 Shiite Pilgrims South of Baghdad - AP

Iran Group Say U.S. Responsible for Members in Iraq - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Israel and US to Stage Major Defense Drill - AP

Envoy: Palestine Continues Pursuing UN Membership - AP

Palestinian Sesame Street Ails Without US Funds - AP

UN Warns Yemen Over Amnesty Plans - BBC

Lawyer: Bahrain Rights Activist Beaten by Police - AP

Bahrain Police 'Beat Up Activist' - BBC

UN's Pillay: Yemen Peace-Deal Amnesty May Be Unlawful - Reuters

Latest Egypt Vote Brings Islamists Closer to Win - Reuters

Egypt's Christians Celebrate Christmas Amid Fears - AP

Rights Groups Oppose Ex-Libyan PM Extradition - AP

Tunisia is Tense Ahead of Revolution Anniversary - VOA

Why Islamism Is Winning - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

Military Fighting Force Strategy Set, But What Will it Mean? - S&S

Panetta, UK’s Hammond Discuss Strategy in Pentagon Meeting - AFPS

Carter: Strategic Guidance is Compass for 2013 Budget - AFPS

Even With Cuts, Military Will Remain Capable, Official Says - AFPS

Strategy Guidance Underscores Asia-Pacific Region - AFPS

Force Numbers in Europe: Answers Expected in Feb. Proposal - S&S

Shrinking Military Budget May Take Neighbors With It - NYT

Obama Missing the Mark on Defense? - WP editorial

America's New Lean Fighting Machine - LAT editorial

The Myth of the Two-War Military Strategy - WP opinion


United States

Tweak in Rule to Ease a Path to Green Card - NYT

Obama's Immigration Move May Have Political Benefit on 2 Fronts - LAT

Blackwater Families Settle Case - BBC



Al-Qaeda-linked Terrorists Turning Nigeria into Cauldron of Religious Strife - NP

Gunmen Kill 20 in Northeastern Nigeria - VOA

Nigeria Hit by String of Attacks - BBC

Nigerian Court Order Seeks to Bar Protests - VOA

White House: South Sudan Can Receive US Defense Assistance - VOA

UN Launches Major South Sudan Humanitarian Effort - AP

UN Tries to Reach 60,000 Fleeing South Sudan Violence - Reuters

At 100, South Africa’s ANC Still Facing Hurdles - VOA

African National Congress Marks Centennial with Celebration - WP

Food Price Pressures Weigh Heavy on Southern Africa - Reuters



US Defense Strategy Doesn't Suggest More Troops in Latin America - MH

Mexico Nabs Key Suspect in Arson That Killed 52 - AP

Arrest Over Mexico Casino Attack - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez's Names Ally as Defense Minister - AP

Venezuela Names Defense Minister Accused by US as Drug Kingpin - Reuters

Haitians Take Arduous Path to Brazil, and Jobs - NYT

Jamaica 'to Break Links with UK' - BBC


Asia Pacific

China Expresses Concern Over US Defense Blueprint - VOA

Chinese News Agency Warns Against US Moves - NYT

Tibet Group Says 2 Set Themselves on Fire in China - AP

N. Korea Nuclear Rumor Stirs Stock Market Panic in S. Korea - WP

Shades of North Korea's Founder in New Leader - AP

US Lawmaker, 2 Diplomats to Visit Burma - VOA

The Myth of Japan’s Failure - NYT opinion


Central Asia

Kazakhstan Keeps a Lid on Protests - WP



Europe Faces More Negative Economic Indicators - VOA

Church Hints It May Serve as Mediator in Russia - NYT

Russian Church's Patriarch Calls for Dialogue - AP

Jailed Ukrainian Leader’s Husband Seeks Asylum in Czech Republic - NYT