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3 September SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Hitting Pause in Afghanistan - NYT

US Suspends Afghan Local Police Training for Further Vetting - AFPS

US Special Forces Suspend Training of Afghans - VOA

ISAF Deputy: Operations Continue, Relations Remain Strong - AFPS

Afghans Protest Vengeful Militias - NYT

Australia, Kabul Argue Over Deadly Search for Rogue Afghan Killer - Reuters

Karzai Nominates New Afghan Cabinet Members - AP

Obama, Romney Campaigns Spar Over Afghanistan - LAT



Muslim Cleric Accused of Planting Evidence in Pakistan Blasphemy Case - VOA

Pakistani Blasphemy Case Shifts as Cleric Is Arrested - NYT

Imam Arrested in Pakistan Quran Burning Case - AP

Jihadist Shift Seen in Pakistan, Fewer Arabs - AP

Car Bomb Targeting US Gov. Vehicle in NW Pakistan Kills 2, Wounds 5 - AP

Three Killed in Peshawar Suicide Bombing - BBC

Suicide Bomber Kills 5, Including 2 Americans, in Pakistan - Reuters

Gunmen Kill 7 Shi'ite Muslims in Pakistan - VOA



US Intervention in Syria Appears Unlikely - WP

New UN Envoy Gloomy at Syria Task - BBC

UN Envoy to Syria Says Mission Is Very Difficult - AP

France Warns of Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack - AP

Syrian Rebels Attack Aleppo Security Compounds - VOA

Rebels Bomb Heavily Guarded Damascus Neighborhood - NYT

Rebels Hit Army Headquarters in Damascus - Reuters

Syrian Forces Shell Village, Kill 25 - Reuters

China's Top Paper Says Syria 'Safe Zone' Would Not Work - Reuters

UNICEF Says 1,600 Killed in Syria Last Week - AP

Activists Say 5,000 Killed in Syria in August - AP



To Calm Israel, White House Offers Ways to Restrain Iran - NYT

Israeli Leader Calls for 'Clear Red Line' on Iran - AP

Israel’s Netanyahu Urges International 'Red Lines' to Stop Iran - Reuters

Israel Evacuates West Bank Settler Outpost - VOA

Israeli Settlers Evacuated from West Bank Following Court Order - WP

Despite Eviction, Settlers of West Bank Outpost Maintain Goal - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

Gulf Arab Ministers Say Integration Plan Needs More Discussion - Reuters

Iraq: 10 Killed in Kurdish Rebel Attack - AP

Young Iraqis Face Religious Fashion Crackdown - AP

US Drone Kills Five Suspected Militants in Yemen - Reuters

Yemen: Drone Kills Alleged Tanker Attacker  - AP

Egypt Abuzz as Newsreader on State TV Wears Hijab - NYT

A First: Veiled Woman Reads News on Egypt State TV - AP

Egypt Appoints New Ambassador to Israel - AP

Tunisia Democratic Activists Fear a Tilt Toward Militant Islam - LAT

Libyan Intelligence Officer Killed in Car Bombing - Reuters

Would a Nuclear Iran Make the Middle East More Secure? - FA opinion


US Department of Defense

Laid-off Sailors Say Job Firm Hired by Navy a Waste of Time, Money - VP

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Victim Speaks Out - DN


United States

A SEAL’s Own Story, Bin Laden and All - NYT

E-Book Account Says Navy SEAL Author Wrote Raid Book After Slight - NYT

Clinton Facing Deadline on Terrorist Designation for Haqqani Network - VOA

Muslims From Abroad Are Thriving in Catholic Colleges - NYT

Veterans Groups Have Trouble Signing Up Younger Members - SB

Veterans Battle Tuition Inconsistencies at State Colleges - FO

After 37 Years in Uniform, Army Veteran Turns Eye to Politics - S&S

Understanding Obama’s and Romney’s Foreign Policy Differences - WP opinion

‘500 Days’, on Bush’s Response to 9/11- WP book review


United Kingdom

Tutu: Bush, Blair Should Face Trial at the Hague for War Crimes - AP

British Ex-PM Blair Rejects Tutu's Charge On Iraq War - VOA



Silence Over Aussie General's PACOM Appointment Leaves Public in Dark - SMH



South Africa Drops Murder Charges Against Miners - VOA

South Africa Lifts Charges of Murder in Mine Strike - NYT

South Africa Buries Miners Killed in Deadly Shooting - VOA

Sudan, South Sudan to Resume Flights Between Capitals - Reuters

Mali Islamists Retake Town of Douentza - Reuters

Angola Says Dos Santos' Ruling Party Has Big Election Lead - VOA

Former Sierra Leone Child Soldier Helps Other Victims - LAT

Ethiopia's 'Visionary' Leader Meles Zenawi Laid to Rest - VOA



Mexico: Agents Who Shot US Car Were Probing Kidnapping - AP

Honduran Police Find Five Mutilated Bodies - BBC

Peru State of Emergency to End - BBC

Venezuela Holds Voting Drill Ahead of Election - AP

Venezuela: ‘No Evidence’ of Amazon Attack - BBC

Venezuela Finds No Sign of Amazon Massacre - AP

Venezuela on Fire - WP editorial


Asia Pacific / Central

Sea Rows Focus of Clinton Visit - BBC

Clinton to Urge ASEAN Unity on South China Sea - AP

Tiny Pacific Nations Cash In on US-China Aid Rivalry - Reuters

Tokyo City Officials Survey Disputed Islands - AP

An Alternative US China Policy - FA opinion

How China Sees America - FA opinion



US Companies Brace for an Exit From the Euro by Greece - NYT

Two of Three Austrians Oppose More Help to Greece - Reuters

Germans Want to Cut Greece Loose - Reuters

Germany's Triangulated Opposition - Reuters

Ten Turkish Troops Die in Clashes - BBC

Violence Dims Hope of Solution to Turkish Kurd Conflict - Reuters


South Asia

Massacre Trial Exposes Inconvenient Truth for India's BJP - Reuters