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23 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Panetta Backing a Top Marine General to Lead ISAF - S&S

Karzai Advisers Blame Insider Attacks on Foreign Spy Agencies - WP

Afghanistan Blames Foreign Spies for Insider Attacks - NYT

Afghans: Foreign Spies at Root of Insider Attacks - AP

Taliban Infiltrate Social Media - WT

US Troop Deaths Top 2,000 in Afghanistan - VOA

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Few Options for US to End Fighting in Syria - VOA

UK Joins US in Warning to Syria - BBC

UK, US, France Discuss Bolstering Syria's Opposition - Reuters

Syrian Forces Shell Damascus, 35 Killed - VOA

Syrian Forces Said to Expand ‘Hit and Run’ Efforts in Damascus - NYT

Syrian Forces, Rebels in Major Damascus Clashes  - AP

Syrian Bombings Force Villagers to Flee - VOA

UN: Syrian People 'Suffering Grievously' - VOA

Fighting Over Syria Grips Lebanon - BBC

Syrian Civil War Shakes Damascus-Beirut Ties - AP

Russia: West 'Instigating' Syrian Opposition - AP

China: Chemical Weapons 'Excuse for US' - BBC

Analysts: Syrian Civil War Could Persist Post-Assad - USAT


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Might Not Warn US in Advance if it Attacks Iran - USAT

UN Visit Will Set Back a Push to Isolate Iran - NYT

UN Atomic Inspectors to Meet with Iran Over Nuclear Dispute - Bloomberg

Report: Royal Bank of Scotland Probed by US on Iran Sanctions - AP

Panetta Speaks to USS Stennis Sailors Ahead of Early Deployment - AP

Iraq: Dempsey Finds Familiar, Unfamiliar in Baghdad - AFPS

Developments in Iran and Sinai Deepen Israel’s Worries About Egypt - NYT

Egypt: Islamic Law Rises as Sinai Lacks Order in the Courts - WT

Eypt: Secretive Sect Worries Even Islamic Extremists - AP

Egypt's Islamist President to Visit US Next Month - AP

Egypt Requests $4.8 Billion From IMF - NYT

Egypt Requests $4.8bn IMF Loan - BBC


US Department of Defense

Book Will Describe Raid That Killed Bin Laden - NYT

Prosecutors: Fort Hood Mass Shooting Suspect Should be Forcibly Shaved - LAT

DOD Has Running Start on Biosurveillance Strategy - AFPS

Burned USS Miami Sub Expected Back in Service in 2015 - AP

Maintenance Issues Blamed for Parts Falling off Navy Aircraft - S&S


United States

Book Will Describe Raid That Killed Bin Laden - NYT

Upcoming Book on bin Laden Raid a Surprise to Pentagon, CIA Officials - WP

Despite Assange Claims, US Has No Current Case Against Him - Reuters

Ryan's Foreign-Policy Record is Big on Defense - USAT

Mars Rover Completes First Drive - BBC

Dempsey: Political Activity Erodes Public Trust in Military - AFPS

Appeals Court Removes Key Civil Service Protection - AP

Pricey VA Conferences Included $52,000 'Patton' Parody Video - S&S

Men Sentenced to 5 Years Each in Ga. Militia Plot - AP

A Deeper Search for Secrets on Mars - NYT editorial

On Defense, GOP Echoes Romney - WP opinion

Giving In to the Surveillance State - NYT opinion

Reforming Outmoded Government - WP opinion


United Kingdom

UK Foreign Aid 'Should Focus on Tax' - BBC



Africa Has Bright Future Says Obama’s Former Chief of Staff - VOA

AFRICOM Reports Progress Against al-Shabab in Africa - AFPS

Cholera Epidemic Envelops Coastal Slums in West Africa - NYT

Kenya Government Urged to Bolster Security to Prevent Violence - VOA

48 Killed in Ethnic Clashes in Kenya - VOA

Kenya Clashes Leave Dozens Dead - NYT

Dozens Killed in Kenya Clashes - BBC

US: Ethiopia’s Meles Death Loss for Sudan Peace Process - VOA

Ethiopia: Meles Succession Meeting Delayed - BBC

Ethiopia Delays Installation of New Prime Minister - VOA

Less Support for Opposition in Zimbabwe, Study Shows - NYT

Unrest Spreads in Violence-Hit South Africa Mining Belt - Reuters



Mexico Army Law 'Unconstitutional' - BBC

Mexico's New Rulers Win One More Congress Seat in Final Result - Reuters

Mexico Religious Cult Refuses to Allow Teachers In - AP

Colombia's Santos Plans to Shuffle Cabinet Ministers - Reuters

Brazil: Court Orders Release of Man in US Nun Killing - AP

Haiti's Condemned Palace Reveals Power's Fragility - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Japan PM Likely to Call November Poll, Party Set for Drubbing - Reuters

Japan to Announce USMC Osprey Safety Finding Soon - S&S

Anti-Nuclear Demonstrators Confront Japan's PM - VOA

Japanese Leader Meets With Antinuclear Protesters - NYT

China Watches Burma's Censorship Reforms - VOA

North Korea's Nominal State Head to Visit Iran - AP

Thailand: Army Chief Urged to Stay Out of 2010 Probe - AP

Philippines Arrest 357 Foreigners for Online Fraud - AP

Tajikistan Police Fire on Protesters - BBC

Kyrgyz Government Collapses, Increasing Political Instability - WT

Kyrgyzstan's Governing Coalition Collapses - AP



Russia Becomes 156th Member of WTO - VOA

Greece 'Facing its Last Chance' - BBC

For Germany’s Merkel, a Balancing Act on Greece - WP

Germany Pursues Nazi Charges Against 87-Year-Old - AP

Norway Vows 'Humane' Conditions for Mass Killer - AP

Turkey Blames Kurd Rebels for Blast - AP

Turkish Soldiers Kill 16 PKK Militants After Convoy Attack - Reuters

5 Soldiers, 16 Rebels Killed in Clashes in Turkey - AP


South Asia

India Clamps Down on Social Media - BBC

Quenching India’s Thirst for Power - WP

US, Pakistan Must 'Divorce' as Allies, Ex-Pakistan Envoy Says - Reuters

Amnesty: Protect Pakistani Christian Girl Accused of Blasphemy - VOA

Christian Group to Hold Conference on Pakistan Blasphemy Law - Reuters

Pakistan: 22 Die From Heavy Rains, Flooding - AP

Abduction Squads in Sri Lanka Target Foes of Powerful - AP

Sri Lanka Orders Universities Shut - BBC