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20 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World – RCP


Britain Says Afghan Forces Will Ably Defend Nation From Taliban - VOA

British PM: Afghan and Pakistan in Joint Fight - AP

Kendall: Afghan Drawdown Logistics to be 'Huge' Undertaking - AFPS

Five Afghanistan Police Die in Blast - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



China, Russia Veto UN Resolution on Syria - VOA

Russia and China Veto Another UN Resolution on Sanctions - NYT

Russia, China Block UN on Syria - WP

Russia, China Again Block UN Sanctions Against Syria - McClatchy

Panetta: Syria Situation “Spinning Out of Control” - AFPS

Clashes Continue After Border Posts Fall to Syrian Rebels - NYT

Syria Rebels Seize Border Posts - BBC

Rebels Seize Key Border Crossings as Thousands Flee Capital - WP

Syrian Opposition: 310 Killed in Deadliest Day - AP

Syrian National Security Chief Dies From Wounds - AP

Pentagon: Syrian Regime Responsible for Chemical Stockpile Security - AFPS

Iraq Evacuates Its Citizens in Syria by Air - AP



Iran Lawmaker: Support to Close Strait of Hormuz - AP

International Community Will Ensure Strait of Hormuz Stays Open - AFPS

Yemeni President Lashes Out at Iran - VOA

Yemen Arrests Prompt Iran Warning - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Forced to Reconsider Its Regional Strategies - NYT

As Chaos Grows in Syria, Worries Grow on the Sidelines - NYT

Bulgaria Blast Could Signal New Phase in Israel-Iran ‘Shadow War’ - WP

Netanyahu Blames Hezbollah, Iran for Bulgaria Bombing - VOA

Hezbollah Blamed for Bulgaria Attack on Israelis - NYT

Bulgaria Releases 'Bomber' Video - BBC

Prosecutor: Bulgaria Bomber Tried to Rent Car - AP

Pentagon: Can't Confirm Bulgaria Bomber was at Guantanamo - Politico

Israel Says Iran will Face Retaliation for Bomb - WP

Pentagon Defends Navy Shooting in Persian Gulf - TH

More US Aid Heads to Yemen - WP

Chevron Makes Oil Exploration Deal in Iraqi Kurdistan - NYT

Libyan Economy in Post-Revolution Boom - VOA

Former Egyptian Intelligence Chief Dies in US - VOA



Muslim Religious Leaders Declare Friday the Start of Ramadan - VOA

Mideast Nations Declare Friday Start of Ramadan - AP


US Department of Defense

DIA Five-Year Plan Updates Strategic Warning Mission - AFPS

DOD Unveils New Strategy to Mitigate System Threats - AFPS

Pentagon Takes New Steps to Clamp Down on Leaks - AP

Fort Hood Shootings Report Shows FBI Missteps - AP

As War Winds Down, Army's 82nd Airborne's Role Refocused - S&S

Welsh Addresses Air Force Challenges at Confirmation Hearing - AFPS

Welsh: Efforts to Combat Military Sex Assaults are Failing - S&S

Military Recruiting Change Benefits Nontraditional Students - S&S


United States

Obama, on the Trail, Plays for Time on Foreign Policy - NYT

Retired Member of SEAL Team 6 Launches anti-Obama PAC - USAT

Hopes Dim for US Ratification of Global Maritime Treaty - VOA

Retired Military Officers: Lazy Summers Threaten National Security - OT

China-Made US Olympic Uniforms Spark Controversy - VOA

First Space Shuttle Goes on Public Display - VOA

If Senate Reform is Coming, Let's Get it Right - WP opinion

The Census’s Key Surveys - WP opinion


United Kingdom

Olympic Officials Balance Security, Convenience - VOA

Coe Promises 'Safe, Secure Games' - BBC

Terror Charges as London Olympics Near - NYT

UK Terror Plot Foiled after Husband, Wife Fall Out - AP

Panetta Lauds First International F-35 Delivery to UK - AFPS


United Nations

UN Seeks Review of N. Korea, Iran Aid - AP



China Announces $20 Billion in Africa Loans - VOA

China Strengthens Its Ties to African Nations - NYT

DR Congo Government Says UN Could Provide Neutral Force - VOA

DR Congo Army Takes Over North Kivu Town from Rebels - VOA

Mali Hostage Release 'was Swap' - BBC

UN: Hunger in Sahel Brings Steep Rise in Aid Need - AP

World Court to Decide on Extradition of Former Chadian Leader - VOA

World Court Due to Rule on Chad’s Habre - BBC

Ethiopian PM Meles on 'Sick Leave' - VOA



Kelly: SOUTHCOM Holds Security Challenges, Opportunities - AFPS

Mexico: Arrests Made Over Youth Camp Attack - BBC

'Money Laundered' in Mexico Poll - BBC

Venezuela 'Abuse of Power Rises' - BBC

Colombian Police Clash with Tribe - BBC

Arrests in Brazil Tribal Murder - BBC

Arrests Over Chile Military Death - BBC

Guatemala Prison Director Killed - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

Carter ‘Walking the Walk’ on Strategic Rebalance - AFPS

US Osprey Aircraft to Arrive in Japan on July 23 - Asahi

China Impacts ASEAN Unity on Sea Disputes - VOA

China, US to Hold New Round of Human Rights Talks - AP

Locklear Visit Reaffirms US-Philippine Alliance - AFPS

Task Force Promotes Philippine Military Capability, Partnership - AFPS

Ramadan's Start Marred by Bomb Blasts in Thailand - AP

North Korea Speculation Rampant in Seoul - AP

Post-Ceasefire, No Signs of Peace in Burma's Kachin - VOA



Air Force COS Nominee: Deeper Cuts at Europe Bases Needed - S&S

US Senate Moves to Boost Trade with Russia - VOA

Muslim Cleric Shot Dead in Russia's Tatarstan - VOA

Prominent Russian Muslims Targeted - WP

Two Muslim Officials Attacked in Southern Russia - NYT

Unrest at Spain Austerity Protest - BBC


South Asia

Congress Party Veteran Expected to Be India's Next President - VOA