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2 September SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


NATO Halting Program to Train Afghan Recruits - NYT

Training Suspended for New Afghan Recruits  -WP

US Halts Some Afghan Forces Training After Attacks - AP

Bamiyan Province, A Once-Tranquil Corner, Turns Deadly - LAT

Suicide Bombers Strike Near US Base in Afghanistan - S&S

Bombers Strike Outside U.S. Military Base in Afghanistan - NYT

Report: Quran Burnings Revealed Mutual Mistrust at Bagram Jail - TNT

Muslim Countries Can Do More in Afghanistan - TN editorial



Airstrikes Push Waves of Syrians to Jordanian Camps - NYT

Jordan, UN Appeal for $700M to Aid Syrian Refugees - AP

Activists: Syrian Rebels Seize Air Defense Facility - VOA

Rebels Say They Seized Air Defense Post and Its Missiles - NYT

Syrian Rebels Hit Back at Assad's Air Power - Reuters

New UN Syria Envoy Puts Pressure on Regime - AP

Russian FM: All Sides Should Stop Syria Violence - AP

Iran Would Take Action if US Attacked Syria - Reuters

Inside Syria's Fracturing Rebellion - TNR opinion



Israel: US Must Show Tougher Stance Against Iran - Reuters

Iran May Be Pushing to Nuke Threshold - AP

Iran Wants to See Intelligence Reports Before Opening Up Parchin - DPA

Iran: Bushehr Reactor Reaches Full Capacity - AP

Iran to Hold Major Air Defense Drill - Reuters

Iran, North Korea Sign Technology Agreement - AP

New Iran Report Should Not Be a Signal to Attack - Bloomberg editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq's Monthly Death Toll Halves in August - Reuters

Bahrain: Iran Translation Sidestepped Syria - AP

Settlers Begin to Evacuate Large West Bank Outpost - AP

Egypt: Top Militant Arrested in Sinai - AP

A Test Looms for Egypt's New Leader: Garbage - AP

Egypt Presenter Denies Inciting President Killing - AP

Israel Needs Permanent Borders - JP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Publisher of Former SEAL's bin Laden Book Refuses to Back Down - AP


US Department of Defense

Obama Honors US Troops on Iraq Anniversary - VOA

President Lauds Troops, Families in Weekly Address - AFPS


United States

Obama, Romney Making Campaign Swings - VOA

Military Veterans' College Benefits are Running Late - TB

Top Official at ICE Quits Over Discrimination Claims - NYT



Secret Trade in Cybersecurity ‘Zero-Days’ Alarms Some Experts - WP



Zimbabwe Surveys Show President Mugabe's Party Gaining Ground - VOA

Sudan Says Repulses Rebel Attack in Border Area - Reuters

Kenya Tensions Ease Following Riots Over Cleric Assassination - VOA

Kenya Muslim Riots Expose Political, Economic Rifts - Reuters

Islamists Struggle to Run North Mali - NYT

Mali: Islamist Rebels Seize Control of Douentza - AP

Ugandan Army Seizes Base of Lord's Resistance Army - AP

Early Election Results Signal Victory for Angola's Ruling Party - VOA

Angola's Dos Santos Secures Big Election Win - Reuters

South Africa Buries Miners Killed in Deadly Shooting - VOA

Somali Pirates Kill Hostage Over Delayed Ransom - AP



Mexico Leader Touts Efforts for 'Lasting Security' - AP

Mexico's Calderon Makes New Push for Reform of Labor Laws - Reuters


Asia Pacific / Central

Clinton Begins Asia Trip, Trying to Ease Tension With China - NYT

Clinton, Pacific Leaders Agree on Gender Equality - VOA

Tokyo City Officials Survey Disputed Islands - AP

Iran, North Korea Sign Technology Agreement - AP

Vietnam: Message of Equality Challenged by Widening Wealth Gap - NYT

Grenade Blast Wounds 37 Watching Philippine Circus  - AP

Prominent Exiled Activist Returns to Burma - VOA

Dangerous Fruits of Asian Nationalism - JT opinion



EUCOM Center Bolsters Collaboration to Stem Drug Trafficking - S&S

In Russia, Opening Inquiries and Settling Scores - NYT

In a Ban, a Measure of European Tolerance - NYT

German Government's Anti-terror Posters Rejected by Muslim Groups - DPA

Turkey Facing a Renewed Test from Kurdish Guerrillas as Syria Fights - WP

Can Europe Survive the Rise of the Rest? - NYT opinion


South Asia

US Drone Strike Kills 5 Militants in Pakistan - AP

Muslim Cleric Arrested for Framing Girl in Pakistan Blasphemy Case - Reuters

Pakistani Police Arrest Christian Girl's Accuser - AP