Small Wars Journal

19 October SWJ Roundup


Iran Sends Delegate to International Meeting on Afghanistan - New York Times

Iran Joins Talks on Afghan Strategy - Washington Post

Iran Joins U.S. for Meeting on Afghanistan's Future - BBC News

Holbrooke: No Problem With Iran Presence at Afghan Meeting - Voice of America

Afghanistan Tosses Out Thousands of Votes Amid Fraud - Los Angeles Times

Al-Qaida Returning to Afghanistan for New Attacks - National Journal

U.S. Seeks a Larger Village Police Force - Los Angeles Times

Canada Poised for 2011 Withdrawal From Afghanistan - New York Times

Cracks Emerge in Australian Unity on Afghan War - Associated Press

Gunmen Kill 8 Private Security Guards in Afghanistan - Voice of America

Afghan, Coalition Troops Find Insurgent Weapons Factory - AFPS

Advisers Help Afghan Police to Become Self Sufficient - AFPS

NATO Service Member Killed in Southern Afghanistan - Associated Press

Petraeus Rewrites the Playbook in Afghanistan - Washington Post opinion

Time to Talk to the Taliban - New York Times opinion


Bin Laden, Henchman Reported in Pakistan - Washington Times

Meeting Pakistanis, U.S. Will Try to Fix Relations - New York Times

Indian Report: Pakistan Spies Tied to Mumbai Siege - Associated Press


Iraqi PM Visits Iran to Bolster Candidacy - Voice of America

Maliki Meets with Iran's Leaders, Seeking Support - Washington Post

Khamenei Calls for 'Speedy Formation' of New Iraqi Gov. - Los Angeles Times

Iraq PM in Tehran on Key Political Visit - Associated Press

Roadside Bomb Kills Baghdad Official - New York Times

Bombing Of Police Official's Home Kills 11 In Iraq - Reuters

Iraq Bomb Kills Policeman's Baby Nephew, 3 Others - Associated Press


China Firms 'Evade Iran Embargo' - BBC News

China Says Committed to U.N. Sanctions on Iran - Reuters


Pentagon Bracing for New WikiLeaks Release - Agence France-Presse

Pentagon Calls on Media Not to Carry WikiLeaks Material - Voice of America

Pentagon Asks Media Not to Publish War Leaks - Associated Press

Pentagon Cautions News Media on WikiLeaks Documents - Reuters

U.S. Department of Defense

Obama May Opt for New Military Advisers - Washington Times

Spending Reforms Top Defense Priorities, Lynn Says - AFPS

Lynn: Cyberspace is the New Domain of Warfare - AFPS

Military Must Reduce Its Use of Fossil Fuels - AFPS

Mullen: U.S. Military Needs More Diversity - AFPS

United States

U.S. Election Results Could Impact Foreign Policy - Voice of America

Four Men Convicted in Plot to Bomb Synagogues - New York Times

Supreme Court to Decide Whether Ashcroft Can be Sued - Washington Post

Justices to Hear Appeal Over Liability for Detention - New York Times

U.S. Pushes to Ease Technical Obstacles to Wiretapping - New York Times

CIA Sues Ex-agent for Book's Breach of 'Secrecy' - Washington Times

United Kingdom

U.K.'s Cameron Announces Military Austerity Plan - Associated Press

U.K. Foreign Secretary Says Military to Stay Strong - Associated Press


Canadian Commander Pleads Guilty - New York Times


Somali Government and Allies Attack Insurgents - New York Times

Killings in Nigeria Are Linked to Islamic Sect - New York Times

Int'l Court Rejects Ex-Congo VP War Crimes Appeal - Associated Press

Congo: Hague Court to Proceed With Bemba War Crimes Trial - Reuters

Ethiopia 'Swapped Aid for Votes' - BBC News

Niger Junta Head Sacks Spy Chief - BBC News

Americas and Caribbean

Threat Grows as Mexican Cartels Beef Up U.S. Presence - Washington Post

105 Tons of Marijuana Seized in Tijuana - Washington Post

Marijuana Seized in Mexican Raid - Associated Press

Venezuela: Chavez in Iran for Talks on Boosting Oil, Gas Ties - Associated Press

Cuba: Diplomats Discuss Jailed American - Associated Press

Weary of Debris, Haiti Finally Sees Some Vanish - New York Times

Asia Pacific

Chinese VP Receives Key Appointment - Voice of America

China's Vice President on Track to Become Next Leader - Washington Post

Chinese Promotion Puts Official on Track for Presidency - New York Times

U.S. Justice Head Asks China to Release Nobel Winner - Associated Press

U.S. Diplomat Praises Chinese Premier's Reform Talk - Associated Press

Powerful Typhoon Hits Philippines - Reuters

After 10 Dead in Philippines, Storm Heads to China - Associated Press


At Deauville, Europe Embraces Russia - New York Times

Russian Leader Pushes for Better Access to Europe - Associated Press

Agents Deported by U.S. Are Honored in Moscow - New York Times

Gunmen Attack Parliament in Chechnya - New York Times

Rebels Stage Suicide Attack on Chechen Parliament - Reuters

Gunmen Storm Chechen Government Buildings - Associated Press

French Authorities Report Fuel Shortages - Voice of America

In France, Labor Strikes Head for Showdown - New York Times

Germany: Merkel Government Split By Debate Over Immigration - Reuters

Gates: U.S.-Turkish Alliance Strong Despite Differences - Washington Times

U.S-Turkish Alliance in Good Shape, Gates Says - AFPS

German President to Speak Before Turkish Parliament - New York Times

Middle East

Israel Pushes Palestinians to Acknowledge Jewish Character - Los Angeles Times

Israeli PM Wants to Change Oath - BBC News

Arab League Urges Boycott of OECD Conference in Israel - Washington Times

Israel Claims Hamas Has Anti-Aircraft Missiles - Associated Press

Turkish PM Says Will Not Talk With Netanyahu - Reuters

Lebanon: U.S., UK And France Urge No Meddling In Hariri Tribunal - Reuters

Saudi Says It Warned on Al-Qaida Threat From Yemen - Associated Press

South Asia

Kashmiri Separatist Leader Held - BBC News