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16 February SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US, Afghans Working on Post-2014 Mission for Americans - S&S

Karzai Arrives in Pakistan to Discuss Afghan Peace Talks - NYT

Karzai: Afghanistan Joins Taliban Peace Talks with US - Reuters

Detainees Again Transferred to Afghans - WP

NATO Resumes Sending Detainees to Afghanistan Jails - NYT

High-level Drug Meeting Focuses on Afghanistan - AP

8 Young Afghans Killed in Strike, NATO Acknowledges - NYT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Courts-martial Recommended in NYC Soldier's Death - AP



Pakistan's Afghan Border Remains Closed to NATO - AP

Suspected US Missile Strike Kills 5 in NW Pakistan - VOA

US Drone Strike 'Kills at Least Five' in Pakistan - BBC

Pakistani at Guantanamo Charged With Supporting Terror - VOA



France Presses for New UN Resolution on Syria - VOA

Syrian President Sets February 26 Constitutional Referendum - VOA

Syria Plans Vote on Constitution - BBC

Syrian Doctors Accuse Government of War Crimes - VOA

Sunni Extremists May Be Aiding Al Qaeda’s Ambitions in Syria - NYT

Syrian Opposition Struggles to Gain Traction in Aleppo - LAT



Aggressive Acts by Iran Signal Pressure on Its Leadership - NYT

Iran Touts Uranium Enrichment Advances - VOA

Iran Unveils 'Nuclear Advances' - BBC

Defiant Iran Claims Major Steps in Nuclear Fuel - AP

US Downplays Iran Announcement of Nuclear Advances - VOA

Israeli Minister: Iran Near 'Point of No Return' - AP

Israel Again Tries to Link Bombs to Iran - WP

Thailand: Iranians Planned to Attack Israelis - AP

Iran Threatens to Cut Some Oil Exports - WP

Iran Oil Ministry Denies Ending Exports to EU States - BBC

Israel’s False Choice - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Fatah-Hamas Agreement May Heal Palestinian Rifts - VOA

Bahrain Opposition Vows to Keep Protesting - VOA

Olympics Urged to Press for Saudi Female Athletes - LAT

AI: Libya Militias 'Out of Control' - BBC

Libyans 'Not Keen on Democracy' - BBC

Islamist Presidential Hopeful Wants to End US Aid to Egypt - LAT

Egypt to Hold Presidential Vote Early - WP

Egypt's Cold Shoulder - LAT opinion

A ‘Cosmic Wager’ on the Muslim Brotherhood - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Obama’s Asia Strategy Gives Navy Key Role, Fewer Ships - WP

Budget Briefings Offer a Lesson in Pentagon-ese - WP

Panetta Asks Congress to Undo Sequestration, Approve BRAC - AFPS

DOD Leaders: Budget Request Supports Adaptable Future Force - AFPS

Military Will Remain Ready, Capable Force, Budget Official Says - AFPS

Dempsey: Status Quo Still an Option for Size of Nuclear Stockpile - S&S

Pentagon, Lockheed See Price of F-35 Going Up - Reuters

Pakistani at Guantanamo Charged With Supporting Terror - VOA

The Long View on Naval Ships - WP opinion

This War Is Not Over Yet - NYT opinion



500 Million Children 'at Risk of Effects of Malnutrition' - BBC



Thousands Flee Somalia Fighting - BBC



Falklands Tension: Argentina Condemns UK MPs Visit - BBC

Why Argentina and Britain Care About the Falklands - LAT

Venezuelan Presidential Campaign Already Heating Up - LAT

Armored SUV Couldn’t Protect Agent in Mexico - WP

A Face Among Mexico's 14 Million Informal Workers - LAT

Cuba Eyes Americas Summit Place, But Not OAS Return - BBC

Hundreds Dead in Honduras Prison Fire - VOA

Blaze at Prison Kills Hundreds in Honduras - NYT

Honduras' Deadly Prison Fire Stirs Furor - LAT

Deadly Honduras Prison Fire Probed - BBC

Challenging Venezuela's Chavez - LAT editorial


Asia Pacific

White House: Specific Human Rights Cases Raised With China’s Xi - VOA

Chinese VP Urges US to Respect ‘Core Interests’ - NYT

China's Xi Spars with US Lawmakers, Avoids Specifics in Speech - LAT

Xi Calls for 'Deep' US-China Ties - BBC

For the Vice President of China, Tea Time in Iowa - NYT

Panetta Welcomes Chinese Vice President to Pentagon - AFPS

Chinese Vice President Meets With US Business Leaders - VOA

Japan's Nuclear Chief Admits Sub-Standard Safety - VOA

Japan's Nuclear Safety Standards Called Flawed - AP

More Foreign Cash in North Korea - WP

A New China, a New Test for the US - LAT opinion



Cameron Details Arguments Against Scottish Independence - NYT

Doubts Grow Over Austerity for Greece - VOA

Eurozone Holds Off on Approving Second Greece Bailout - LAT

Clock Ticks on Greek Bailout Talks - WP

Eurozone Calls for Greek Scrutiny - BBC

Eurozone Calls for Tighter Greek Surveillance - AP

France: Sarkozy Announces Re-election Bid - BBC

France's Sarkozy Makes Reelection Bid Official - LAT

Ratko Mladic’s Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal Trial Delayed - AP

Cold Snap in Eastern Europe Kills More than 650 - AP


South Asia

Sri Lanka Police Fire on Fuel-cost Protest; 1 Dead - AP