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14 October SWJ Roundup

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US, Canadian Civilians Reported Missing in Afghanistan - DPA

Bomb Targets Afghan Intelligence in Kandahar - BBC

Blasts in Southern Afghanistan Kill 9  - AP



Several Killed in Pakistan Market Blast - VOA

16 Killed in Suicide Attack in Pakistan - NYT

Pakistan Market Bomb 'Kills 15' - BBC

Car Bomb Kills 17 People in Northwestern Pakistan - AP

Pakistanis Pray for Recovery of Girl Shot by Taliban - VOA

Pakistan Outraged, But Crackdown on Taliban Unlikely - QP

Extremism Is Swallowing Pakistan - G&M opinion

So, Pakistan, Still Like the Taliban Now? - OI opinion



Turkey Condemns UN for Inaction in Syria - VOA

Turkey Faults U.N. Inaction Over Syria - NYT

Turkish Premier Slams Security Council Over Syria - AP

UN Syria Envoy Holds Turkey Talks - BBC

Syria Bans Turkish Civil Flights - BBC

Syria Says Bans Turkish Civilian Flights Over Its Territory - Reuters

Few Good Options to Secure Syria's Chemical Arsenal - AP

Syrian War Is Spreading Beyond Syria - DS editorial



Clinton: Libya Attack Does Not Weaken US Commitment - VOA

UK: Weapons Left at US Consulate in Benghazi Missing - McClatchy

Libya Struggles to Curb Militias, the Only Police - NYT

Libya Police Colonel Targeted in Assassination Attempt - Reuters

The Mystery of the Benghazi Attack Aftermath - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Turkish-Russian Tensions Could Spread to Middle East - VOA

US Suspects Iran Was Behind a Wave of Cyberattacks - VOA

Iran Says Ready for Nuclear Flexibility - AP

Israeli Ex-Soldier Recalls Captivity Under Militants - NYT

Israeli Airstrike Kills 2 Militants in Gaza - NYT

Israel: Gaza Strike Hit Al-Qaida-Inspired Group - AP

Finland: Israel Warns of Action Against Gaza Ship - AP

Egypt's President Keeps Mahmoud as Prosecutor General - VOA

Mursi U-Turn on Egypt Prosecutor - BBC

Egypt Standoff Between President, Prosecutor Ends - AP

Washington Urges Tunisia to Bring Embassy Attackers to Trial - Reuters

Tunisia Sets June Date for Presidential Elections - Reuters

Will the Muslim Brotherhood Rule Jordan Next? - TE editorial

Allies Will Be Temporary in New Mideast - WPR opinion

Extremism Won't Derail Arab Spring - RCW opinion

Extremists Will Win Arab Spring - TS opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Qaeda Leader Calls for More Protests Outside US Embassies - NYT

Al-Qaida Leader Urges Holy War Over Prophet Film - AP

NY Jail Sees Terrorism Suspect's Prosthetic Arms as Weapons - AP

Philippine Peace Deal Seen as Blow to Terrorists - AP

Questions on Drones, Unanswered Still - NYT opinion



IMF Urges Decisive Action on Debt by US, Europe - VOA


Western Defense

Firms, Policymakers Struggle Amid Western Defense Cuts - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Smart Gun on Wheels, Robotic Mule Latest in Automated Warriors - S&S


United States

Obama, Republicans Focus on Economy in Weekly Addresses - VOA

Panetta Says US Boosting Cyber Defense - VOA

Returning Veterans Swell Ranks of US Entrepreneurs - AP

Cuban Missile Crisis Beliefs Endure After 50 Years - AP


United Kingdom

Arms Firms Call Up ‘Generals for Hire’ - TOL

Former Top British Officers Spoke of Lobbying for Money - Reuters



Africa Sees Opportunity in Enduring Global Financial Crisis - VOA

Blasts in Kenyan Capital Wound Police Officer - VOA

French President Commits to Exchange in Congo - AP

Mali Islamists Tell France They Will Open Doors of Hell - Reuters

South Africa Police and Protesters Clash Near Mine Shaft - Reuters

Mauritania’s President Wounded in Accidental Shooting - Reuters



Mexico: US Knew Dead Zeta Leader's ID Before Body Stolen - AP

Chavez Announces New Venezuelan Cabinet - AP

Venezuela's Chavez Shuffles Cabinet, Then Tweets About It - Reuters

Muhammad Yunus Announces Financing in Haiti - AP


Asia / Pacific

Philippine Peace Deal Seen as Blow to Terrorists - AP

China's Exports Rise Nearly 10 Percent - VOA

Tibetan Man 'Sets Himself Alight' - BBC

Tibetan Man Sets Himself on Fire to Protest China - AP

US Defends Broadcasts to Cambodia - VOA



As EU Basks in Peace Prize, Separatists on Rise - AP

Separatist Fever Rises in Spain - WP

Russia Says 20 Caucasus Groups Shut Down - NYT

Church’s Muscle Helped Propel President’s Rivals to Victory in Georgia - NYT

Czech PM's Party Suffers Big Loss in Regional Vote - Reuters

Opposition Expected to Gain in Lithuanian Ballot - AP

NATO, Not EU, Deserved Nobel Peace Prize - G&M editorial


South Asia

As US Looks to Asia, India Demurs - WP