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14 March SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Obama Vows Full Force of Law for Afghan Shooting Suspect - VOA

Obama Promises Thorough Inquiry Into Afghan Attack - NYT

Obama Promises Full Investigation of Afghanistan Shootings - AFPS

Most Recent Crisis Between US, Afghans May Follow Familiar Script - WP

Panetta in Afghanistan After Civilian Massacre - VOA

Long-Planned Visit Lands Panetta in Tense Afghanistan - NYT

Panetta Arrives in Afghanistan for Talks - WP

US Defense Chief in Afghanistan - BBC

Suspect in Afghanistan Killings was Diagnosed with TBI in 2010 - S&S

Afghans Seek New Pact to Try US Soldier in Killing - USAT

Gunmen Target Afghan Delegation Visiting Massacre Site - VOA

Afghanistan Officials Fired on at Site of Civilian Massacre - LAT

Afghans Starting to Regard Quick US Pullout as Best of Bad Options - WP

UK PM: Public Wants Afghan 'Endgame' - BBC

Afghanistan on Edge - LAT editorial

Ending the Afghan Mission - WP opinion



Syrian Violence Escalates as Envoy Awaits Response - VOA

Syria Expands Assault, Hitting Rebel Enclaves in City in North - NYT

Syrian Troops Press Offensive in Idlib After Rebels Retreat - LAT

Syrian Regime Gains Momentum Against Rebels - AP

Syrians 'Tortured' in Detention - BBC

Torture in Syria Worst Seen in 30 Years, Report Says - LAT

French War Surgeon Speaks of "Hell" in Syria - AP

UN Leader Says Assad Must Shift Syria’s Course - NYT

UK PM Urges Peaceful Change in Syria - BBC



Iran May Not Open a Site to Inspectors - NYT

US Nuclear Expert Finds Iran Explosive Site in Imagery - Reuters

Iran Parliament Questions President Ahmadinejad - AP

Poll: Majority of Americans Don't Want Israel to Attack Iran - LAT


Israel / Palestinians

Rocket Attacks Reported After Arab-Israeli Truce - VOA

Unannounced Truce Calms Violence in Gaza - NYT

Truce Calms Israel-Gaza Border - WP

In Israel, Druze Community Divided Over Military Service - LAT

Israel Calls Off Legislators' US Trip After Snub - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq’s Tribal Chiefs Step Into the Breach With Swift Justice - NYT

Suicide Attack Kills Yemen Troops - BBC

Top Challenger in Egypt Vote Is an Islamist, and Moderate - NYT

Algeria al-Qaeda Chief Sentenced - BBC

Caught in Egypt’s Political Cross-Fire - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

NORTHCOM Prioritizes Homeland Defense, Cyber, Partners - AFPS

Lewis-McChord on Edge Following GI's Shooting Rampage in Afghanistan - ST

Recruiting Programs for Guard, Reserve Under Scrutiny for Fraud - WP

Guard Soldiers Rail Against Policy that Reduces Paid Leave - S&S

Army Officer Charged with Hiring Hit Man to Kill Wife, Boss - NT

Amphib San Diego CO Fired Amid Investigation - NT

Army Delays Confidential Alcohol Counseling Program - S&S

Too Many Wars, Too Few US Soldiers - WP opinion


United States

Taliban-linked Afghan Convicted on Drug Charges - AP


United Kingdom

Obama to Meet Cameron at White House, Mideast on Agenda - VOA

British PM Cameron Visits Washington to Cement Ties - WP

Obama Takes British Leader to NCAA Basketball Game in Ohio - LAT

UK Defends Nigeria Rescue Attempt - BBC



Sudan, South Sudan Presidents to Meet - VOA

Sudan Leaders Reach Rights Deal - BBC

Sudan: Government Rocket Attacks Sow Fear, Witnesses Say - NYT

Residents of Northern Nigerian City Live in Constant Fear of Attack - VOA

ICC to Deliver 1st Verdict, on DRC Warlord - VOA

Congo's Lubanga Trial Verdict Due - BBC



Southern Command Targets Transnational Organized Crime - AFPS

LATAM: Inmate’s Lament: ‘Rather Be Dead Than Here’ - NYT

Mexican Lawmakers Back Broader Protections for Journalists - LAT

Mexican Drug Gangs Using More Children as 'Mules' - AP

US Coast Guard Cutter Confiscates $43M in Cocaine - AP


Asia Pacific

China's Wen Says 'Reforms Urgent' - BBC

Chinese Premier Wen Calls for Political Reforms - AP

China Struggles to Bridge Gap Between Rich, Poor - VOA

WTO Case Filed Against China Over Rare Earth Metals - VOA

US to Enlist WTO Against China - WP

Terrorist Was Not Killed in Airstrike, Malaysian Official Says - NYT


Central Asia

Panetta Visits Kyrgyzstan Defense Officials - AFPS

Panetta Discusses Kyrgyz Air Base - WP

Panetta Cites Value of Transit Center in Kyrgyzstan - AFPS

Kyrgyzstan Wants Military Role to End at US Base - NYT



US Dangles Secret Data for Russia Missile Shield Approval - Reuters

Le Pen to Run in French Election - BBC

EU to Freeze Hungary Aid on Debt - BBC


South Asia

Sri Lanka 'Post War Abuse' Claim - BBC