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13 April SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Karzai Considers Earlier Election - WP

In Khost, Not Naming Names, But Mediating Blood Feuds - S&S



Pakistan Gives US List of Demands, Including End to Drone Strikes - NYT

Pakistan: US Drone Strikes Must End - WP

Pakistani Parliament Approves Proposals on US Ties - AP

Zardari's Stillborn 'Dargah Diplomacy' - AT opinion



Report: Syrian Cease-Fire Starting to Falter - VOA

Syria Cease-Fire Appears to Hold - WP

Cease-Fire Tested by Reports of Syria Clashes - NYT

Brief Syria Clash as Opposition Urges Mass Marches - AP

France's Sarkozy Says Assad Not Sincere on Ceasefire - Reuters

UN Outlines Syria Observer Plans - BBC

UN Meets on Draft to Authorize Syrian Observer Force - Reuters

Syria's Border Blackmail May Backfire - DS opinion



High Stakes, Low Hopes for Iran Nuclear Talks - LAT

Diplomats Struggle with Internal Differences Ahead of Iran Talks - WP

Iran Sees Nuke Talks Leaning Their Way - AP

China to Begin Delivering Supertankers to Iran in May - Reuters

3 Decades Later, Ex-Hostages Press On for Damages From Iran - NYT

Iran: We Do Not Want Nuclear Weapons - WP opinion

For a new Iran... - WP opinion

How to Tell if the Iran Talks Are Working - NYT opinion

Why Iran Will Compromise - TD opinion



Election Is a New Start for an Aide to Mubarak - NYT

Egypt MPs Bar Regime Candidates - BBC

Egypt Parliament Aims to Stop ex-VP Run for President - LAT

Egypt ex-VP: I Joined Race to Stop Religious State - AP

Moderate Islamist Runs on Middle Ground in Egypt - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Defying ban, Egyptian Christians visit Jerusalem - Fox

Iraq: Gunmen Kill 5 in Attack on Police - AP

US-Israel Deal Threatens Progress - AT opinion


North Korea

N. Korean Rocket Fails But Still Angers US and Pacific Allies - S&S

North Korean Rocket Said to Fail Moments After Liftoff - NYT

North Korean Rocket Fails Soon After Launch - WP

North Korea Satellite Launch Fails - LAT

North Korea Rocket Launch Fails - BBC

N. Korean Rocket Reportedly Flew Just Over a Minute - LAT

Failed Rocket Signals Poor N. Korean Capability, Expert Says - LAT

Embarrassed by Rocket Crash, North Korea May Try Nuclear Test - Reuters

International Community Condemns North Korean Rocket Launch - VOA

White House Calls N. Korea Launch Provocation, Wasteful - LAT

Russia Says Opposes New Sanctions Against N. Korea - Reuters

Wrong Turn Grants Glimpse Behind N. Korean Curtain - AP

North Korea’s ‘Gulag’ - WP editorial

Why North Korea Gets Away With It - FA opinion


US Department of Defense

Judge Sets New Deadline for Nashiri Defense Team - AFPS

Judge Hears Arguments on Cole Defendant’s Motions - AFPS

Unmanned Vessel Could Soon be Working for Navy - AP

EUCOM, Red Cross Discuss Crisis Zone Response - S&S



Sudan and South Sudan Teeter on the Edge of War - LAT

South Sudan: No Withdrawal of Forces - WP

South Sudan Says Won't Withdraw Troops - AP

UN Demands End to Sudan Fighting - BBC

Islamist Sect Threatens to Bring Down Nigerian Government - VOA

Soldiers Take Over in Suspected Guinea Bissau Coup - VOA

Army 'Attempt Guinea-Bissau Coup' - BBC

Military Seizes Guinea-Bissau Capital, May be Coup - AP

Military Unrest Mars Hopes for Guinea-Bissau Election - LAT

As Mali Prepares for Vote, Interim Leader Is Sworn In - NYT

Mali Leader Threatens 'Total War' - BBC

Interim Mali Leader Promises Vote, Anti-Rebel Fight - Reuters

Danish Navy Frees Hostages Off Somalia Coast - DPA



7 Tortured, Bound Bodies Found in Mexican Port - AP

Video of Kid 'Violence' Stirs Storm in Mexico - AP

Mexico Struck by Two Earthquakes - BBC

Argentina President Proposes Oil Firm Nationalization - LAT

Argentina Has Oil Firm in Its Sights - NYT

Peru Rules Out Rebel Negotiations - BBC

Peru: Police Officer Killed During Hostage Search - AP

Vaccinations Begin in a Cholera-Ravaged Haiti - NYT

Latin America’s New Strategy in War on Drugs - WP opinion

Are Hard-Line Cuban-Americans Strong as Ever? - NYT opinion


Asia Pacific

China Asserts Control Over Military - WP

Chinese Media Fight Scandal Fallout; Focus on Bo’s Family - NYT

Murder Aside, China Inquiry Puts Couple’s Wealth on Trial - NYT

Philippines, China Recall Protest to Ease Standoff - AP

Britain’s Cameron Begins Historic Burma Visit - VOA

British PM in Historic Burma Visit - BBC

After Decades of Limits, Burma Offers Riches - NYT

Mongolian Ex-President Seized Over Corruption - AP



Russian Protest Leader Not So Well Known Outside Big Cities - WP

Russia’s Opposition Movement Tested - WP

Once Taboo, Germans’ Anti-Israel Whispers Grow Louder - NYT

Hard Times Lift Greece’s Anti-Immigrant Fringe - NYT

Denmark: Muhammad Cartoon Trial Under Way - BBC

Terror Trial of 4 Swedes Begins in Denmark - AP

Turkish Military Leaders Held for Role in ’97 Coup - NYT

Drawn to Extremes in France - LAT opinion


South Asia

India to Allow Investment From Pakistan, Open Border Post - Reuters