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1 May SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Panetta to Warn Troops About the Effect of Bad PR on War Effort - S&S

US Not Reporting All Attacks by Afghan Police, Soldiers - AP

Afghan Leaders Should Raise Their Game - Reuters

3 Children Killed in Cross-Fire Between Taliban and US - NYT

Joint Afghan-NATO Raid Kills 2 in Eastern Village - AP

Germany Struggles with Homecoming of Afghanistan Veterans - WP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Finish Off Al Qaeda. Stop Trying to Fix Afghanistan - NYT opinion



Multiple Blasts Rock Northern Syrian Town - VOA

Attacks Target Symbols of Syrian Power - WP

In Syria, Blame Cast by 2 Sides in Attacks - NYT

'Family Killed' in Syria Violence - BBC

Syrian Activists: 11 Killed in Northern Village - AP

Outgunned Syria Rebels Make Shift to Bombs - Reuters

UN Chief Condemns 'Terrorist Bomb Attacks' in Syria - Reuters

How Many Must Die? - WP opinion



Israeli Defense Minister Keeps All Options Open on Iran - NYT

A Tiny Island Is Where Iran Makes a Stand - NYT

Iran: US Stealth Fighter Deployment to UAE Harmful - AP

Iran Denounces Florida Pastor Over Koran Burning - NYT



Salafist Vote Could Be Decisive for Egypt - WP

Egypt’s Dodge - WP editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq VP Hashemi on Murder Charges - BBC

Iraq Civilian Deaths Climb in April - Reuters

Bahrain Activist Retrial Rejected - BBC


Al Qaeda / Terrorism

Counterterrorism Official Says Drones Help Prevent Deeper Conflicts - S&S

Obama Administration Acknowledges Drone Strikes Against Terrorists - WP

‘Rigorous Standards’ Are Used for Drone Strikes - NYT

White House Explains Drone Policy - BBC

Bin Laden Was Worried About al-Qaeda’s Image - WP

Role of Torture Revisited in Bin Laden Narrative - NYT

Obama Notes bin Laden Mission as Anniversary Nears - AFPS

Bin Laden Death Anniversary Prompts Increased Security - NYT

1 Year on From OBL Raid, No Answers From Pakistan - AP

UK Police Arrest 7 Over Suspected Terrorism Funding - Reuters

UK Prosecutors: 4 Men in Court on Terror Charges - AP

How We Got Osama - WP opinion

Finish Off Al Qaeda. Stop Trying to Fix Afghanistan - NYT opinion

A Delusional Leader Revealed - CNN opinion


US Department of Defense

Air Force General: Some Pilots Want to Avoid Flying the F-22 - AP


United States

With Counterinsurgency Tactics, Combating Gang Warfare - NYT

Obama to Launch Re-Election Bid Saturday - VOA

Don’t Expect to Hear Much Truth-Telling on Foreign Policy - WP

Watchdog Plans Separate Probe into Secret Service Scandal - WP



US Uses Advanced Intelligence to Hunt LRA in Central Africa - VOA

Military Conducts Raid Against Nigeria Sect - AP

Nigerian Forces Raid Islamist Base in Kano - Reuters

Chad: Boko Haram Regional Force Call - BBC

'Terminator' Takes DR Congo Towns - BBC

Uganda: 'Sudan Supporting Kony' - BBC

Rights Group Reports Evidence of War Crimes in Mali - VOA

Mali Junta Claims Bamako Control - BBC

Mali Loyalists Appear to Be Attempting Countercoup - NYT



Predator Drones Have Yet to Prove Worth on Mexican Border - LAT

Mexico Passes Crime Victims Law - BBC

Colombia Rebels 'Have Reporter' - BBC

Chavez Urges Venezuela Exit From OAS Body - BBC

Peru Policeman in Jungle Ordeal - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

US, Japanese Leaders to Push for Stronger Alliance - VOA

New Joint Vision to Guide US-Japan Alliance, Obama Says - AFPS

Obama Sidesteps Issue of Asylum for Chinese Dissident Chen - VOA

On a Tightrope, President Prods China on Rights - NYT

Obama Silent on China Dissident - BBC

Activist Chen Faces Quandary on US Political Asylum - WP

Clinton Heads to China and Into Dissident Drama - Reuters

Invisible Man Casts Shadow Over US-China Talks - AP

China Rushes to Erase Activist From Social Media - AP

Obama: North Korea Hostility a Weakness, Not Strength - AP

Burma Opposition Ends Boycott as UN Chief Addresses Parliament - VOA

UN Chief Encourages Further Easing of Burma Sanctions - VOA

UN Chief Meets Suu Kyi in Burma - BBC

UN Chief Hails Flexibility of Burma's Suu Kyi - AP

Burma Opposition Yields in Oath Dispute - NYT

Malaysian Police to Investigate Violence at Protest - BBC

Chen Guangcheng - NYT editorial



NATO Confident About Missile Shield - AP

In Europe, a Resurgent Far Right - WP

Europe Focus of May Day Protests - BBC

Ukraine Calls Boycotts of Euro Football Tournament 'Cold War Tactic' - VOA

Panetta Hosts Italian Counterpart at Pentagon - AFPS

Sarkozy Says France Has Too Many Immigrants - AP

French President to Sue Website for Defamation - VOA

Turkey to Write New Constitution - BBC


South Asia

Sense of ‘Suffering’ Rises Among Indians - WP

Indian Ferry Capsizes Killing 103; Many Others Missing - VOA

US Judge Dismisses Suit Over Pakistan Hotel Bombing - AP