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The Most Eventful Night in the White House Situation Room: Year 2051 SWJED Sun, 02/17/2019 - 1:21am
Technologically, the world in 2051 was even more interconnected, operating on 5G and leveraging the spatial web where augmented and virtual realities served as mediators between the real ‘touch and feel’ world and the digital world. All the while, artificial intelligence was approaching ‘general’ intelligence and scientists around the world cautioned that it was imminent and that the existing global infrastructure was not going to be able to respond to the potential risks that have been hypothesized to arise.
If You Ain’t First, You’re Last! Why We Should Cheat SWJED Wed, 12/19/2018 - 8:58am
A short paper on the Kobayashi Maru training exercise employed in the fictional Star Trek universe. A discussion of 3 key takeaways.
Science Fiction vs. Science Funding: Comparing What We Imagine to What We Invent SWJED Tue, 09/12/2017 - 9:27am

This article describes the results of a statistical analysis of the entire corpus of Mad Scientist SciFi stories to identify common themes that emerge when all stories are considered together.