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Ukraine: WAR BULLETIN As of March 5, 6.30 p.m.(EST)

Sat, 03/05/2022 - 8:31pm
Note the list of ministry locations for those who need more information.


As of March 5, 6.30 p.m.(EST)


Russian private military companies (PMC) intensified recruitment of personnel with military experience.

Russians destroyed Luhansk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital.

Russian plane dropped heavy aerial bombs on the military camp of the 5th Slobozhansk Brigade.

The enemy rigorously attacks Ukrainian information space with various fakes. List of credible resources in Security Service of Ukraine part of the text.

Kuleba and Blinken meeting key points: painful sanctions against Russia, supply of additional weapons and isolation of Russia.




Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

On March 5, the enemy struck Bila Tserkva. More than 20 houses were damaged. In Irpin, the bombing damaged a railway track and disrupted a train used to evacuate civilians.

According to the available information, Russian private military companies (PMC) intensified recruitment of personnel with military experience. Wagner is developed in Rostov-on-Don, the city that is also used as the headquarters of the PMC.

The aggressors continue to use fake news to prepare video reports on the “success” of the “operation” in Ukraine.

On the approaches to Brovary, near the settlement of Peremoha, the defenders of Ukraine inflicted an airstrike on 15 separate motorized infantry brigades of the Central Military District of the Russian occupiers, losses are to be confirmed.

Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the commander of the 247th Guards Assault Regiment of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces.

2 planes of the Russian aggressors were shot down, 3 pilots were taken prisoner, 1 was killed in action. 5 helicopters and 1 enemy UAV were downed.


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainians downed Su-25 warplane

For the last 24 hours Russian forces are trying to destroy the city of Ochakiv. Ukrainian Armed Forces are successfully defending the city.

On March 5, during the next air raid one of Ukrainian military sailors shot down the plane of aggressor, namely Su-25. The pilots were taken prisoner.

It should be noted that the downed plane took off on its "last" flight from the captured in 2014 airfield in Saki (Novofedorovka), Crimea.



Russian helicopters downed in Mykolayiv region

In Mykolaiv region, Ukrainian Marines together with warriors of Operrational Command "South" shot down four enemy helicopters. “One of the Marines shot down 3 units at once” - said Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, Commander of the Navy of the AFU.


Russians destroyed Luhansk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

Head of Luhansk Region Administration stated that Luhansk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital was destroyed by Russian Forces. Authorities are working to restore communications in the area.



Ministry of Interior of Ukraine

The situation in Irpin is very tense. After a series of powerful air strikes, the Russian aggressors entered the city, but police managed to evacuate several families with children.

Civilians urgently took the trucks and left the town. It was reported that Russian military were already passing through the streets of Irpin.



The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

As of 5:00 p.m., March 5, after airstrikes in the North Saltivka microdistrict in Kharkiv, 10 multi-storey residential buildings were damaged. (the number of buildings is being specified).



National Guard of Ukraine

Russian plane dropped heavy aerial bombs on the military camp of the 5th Slobozhansk Brigade in the night of March 5. Four servicemen were killed, many wounded. Members of the brigade are clearing the blockages. Despite the loss and serious damage to the infrastructure, the Guards are steadfastly defending Kharkiv together with the Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense, the National Police and the Security Service. We will fight for Victory!



Security Service of Ukraine

The enemy rigorously attacks Ukrainian information space with various fakes. Regular variations are released every day, allegedly:

▪️ Ukraine's leadership has left the country or signed a surrender agreement;

▪️ the population of the captured cities meets the Russian occupiers as “liberators”;

▪️ conversations and messengers of citizens are intercepted by the Ukrainian special services according to the rules of “wartime”;

▪️ other nonsense.

There is only one truth: the enemy sustains casualties and tries to spread panic among Ukrainians!

Security Service of Ukraine refutes these and other fakes every day and will keep doing it.

However, the users of social networks are requested of the following:

before reposting and disseminating any information, please check whether it was published on one of the official channels.

All statements important for state security are promptly published on the pages of state authorities and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine! Here is a list of these resources:

🔹 Office of the President of Ukraine



🔹 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine



🔹 Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine



🔹 Security Service of Ukraine



🔹 Ministry of Defence Ukraine



🔹 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine



🔹 Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine



🔹 State Border Guard Service of Ukraine



🔹 National Police of Ukraine



🔹State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine







Office of the President of Ukraine

President Zelenskyy key messages:

All Ukrainians of all professions have united and withstood the Russian strike, and we will all rebuild our country.

It is a special heroism to protest while your city is temporary occupied. It proves that the nature of the occupation is artificial and non-acceptable. Ukrainians unite in all cities and tell the aggressor to go away.

Every inch of land that is won back by protests is a step to our victory. Ukrainians in all the occupied cities, -- go offensive, protest on the streets. We need to drive enemy away with every opportunity so that new so called “DPR” an “LPR” won’t happen.

Donbass, remember the famous words: “Nobody has ever kneeled Donbass, and no one will”. Donbass, we address these words to everyone that can hear us on the occupied territories: fight for freedom together with the rest of Ukraine. You were told that Ukraine allegedly hates you and wants to destroy you. It is Russian TV brainwashing. Do not believe it! Just compare Donetsk after 8 years of war and Kharkiv after 8 days of war. You were told that Ukrainians are destroying cities, but look at Kharkiv, Chernihiv other cities after Russian blatant attack. Defend yourselves and your home, otherwise Russia will take your homes and lives.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba held talks with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on the border between Ukraine and Poland.

The key topics of the conversation were further painful sanctions against Russia, supply of additional weapons to defend Ukraine, isolation of Russia from the world for its aggression against Ukraine.

Kuleba expressed gratitude for the unprecedented and swift steps taken by the United States and its partners to defend Ukraine during the ten days of Russian invasion, including provision of weapons.

“Ukraine will win this war, because the Ukrainians are fighting People's War for their land, and the truth is on their side. The question is the price of victory. If the partners continue to act decisively, increase economic and political pressure on Russia, provide us with the weapons we need, the price will be lower for Ukraine. It will save many lives.” stressed Kuleba

Effectiveness of sanctions against Russia and prevention of their circumvention were discussed amongst the parties of diplomatic dialog.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Thanks to the round-the-clock work of Ukrainian diplomacy, foreign partners, the Ukrainian community abroad and volunteers, dozens of trucks with military and humanitarian aid arrive in Ukraine every day.

☑️ Financial assistance:

🔺 USA will allocate $ 2.75 billion to support humanitarian services in Ukraine and Poland.

☑️ Sanctions:

🔺 Liechtenstein supported EU sanctions against Russia. Restrictions on payment transactions are introduced for a number of Russian financial institutions and select telecommunication companies (RT, Sputnik). Liechtenstein has also expanded the list of Russian individuals that are subject to sanctions;

🔺 Switzerland expands sanctions against Russia: Federal Council decides to join EU sanctions.

☑️ Isolation of the Russian Federation:

🔺 Adobe has stopped selling its services in Russia;

🔺 Cypriot authorities banned the mooring of five ships of the Russian Navy in the port of Limassol. Cypriot ports will be closed to Russian Navy ships while the war in Ukraine continues and European sanctions are in place;

🔺 Italy suspended the possibility of managing two villas of Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov worth 8 million euros;

🔺 Inditex, which owns the brands Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Oysho, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Uterqüe, is shutting down it`s work in Russia. The company will close 502 stores;

🔺 Association of European Professional Football Leagues announced decision to exclude Russia from the organization.

☑️ Deputinization of the world:

🔺 Norway will minimize contacts with Russian authorities over Russia's war against Ukraine;

🔺 Estonian universities terminate cooperation with Russian and Belarusian universities. In particular, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Academy of Music and Theater, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tallinn University, Tallinn University of Technology, and University of Tartu announced their severance of ties;

🔺 Tirana City Hall just renamed the street where the embassies of Serbia, Ukraine, Kosovo, Switzerland and Russia are located to Free Ukraine.

☑️ Humanitarian aid:

🔺 Estonian town Türi sent to Ukraine 10 minibuses with humanitarian aid for people affected by Russian armed aggression;

🔺 Deputies of the Polish Senate handed over humanitarian aid to citizens of Ukraine who were forced to leave the territory of Ukraine due to Russian aggression. Poland is a transit country for foreign aid to Ukraine.

☑️ Russian criminals on their way to prison:

🔺 Poland is establishing a center for documenting Russian war crimes in Ukraine.