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TERRORISM FUTURES: Evolving Technology and TTPs Use

Thu, 10/29/2020 - 5:08pm

TERRORISM FUTURES: Evolving Technology and TTPs Use

Dr. Robert J. Bunker, Small Wars Journal-El Centro Senior Fellow has just released a new pocketbook—TERRORISM FUTURES: Evolving Technology and TTPs Use  examining the future of terrorism with an emphasis on evolving technology and the development of terrorist TTPs embracing that technology.

Terrorism Futures

The Terrorism Futures: Evolving Technology and TTPs Use pocketbook is derived from a series of nine essays written by Dr. Robert J. Bunker between December 2014 and June 2017 for TRENDS Research & Advisory, Abu Dhabi, UAE. With subsequent organizational and website changes at TRENDS a majority of these essays are no longer accessible via the present iteration of the entity's website. In order to preserve this collection of forward-thinking counterterrorism writings, the author has elected to publish them as a C/O Futures pocketbook with the inclusion of new front and back essays and a foreword by Rohan Gunaratna. Technologies and TTPs analyzed include virtual martyrdom, IED drones, disruptive targeting, fifth dimensional battlespace, close to the body bombs, body cavity bombs, counter-optical lasers, homemade firearms, printed firearms, remote controlled firearms, social media bots, AI text generators, AVBIEDs, and FPS/live streaming attacks.

Source: Robert J. Bunker, TERRORISM FUTURES: Evolving Technology and TTPs Use. (A C/O Futures Pocketbook.) Bloomington: XLibris, 2020,



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