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Head of USAID Defends Big Cuts in Foreign Aid Budget

Head of USAID Defends Big Cuts in Foreign Aid Budget by Carol Morello – Washington Post

Lawmakers from both parties denounced the Trump administration’s proposal to cut foreign aid, saying it would hurt U.S. efforts to fight terrorism and health epidemics, and make military deployments more likely.

The criticisms arose as Mark Green, the administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about a proposed 33 percent cut in his budget, to $16.8 billion next year.

“You’re a great pick for the job,” said Rep. Eliot L. Engel (D-N.Y.), the top Democrat on the committee. “But with a 33 percent cut to the budget, no one could do the job effectively.”

Chairman Edward R. Royce (R-Calif.) said the budget would “hamstring” USAID efforts at a time when 70 million people worldwide have been uprooted by conflicts and famine.

“Indeed, these proposed cuts would impact a number of U.S. priorities — including efforts to combat terrorists, poachers and human traffickers,” he said.

“These efforts shouldn’t be shorted,” he added.

As it did last year, the Trump administration is encountering bipartisan resistance to steep reductions for diplomacy and foreign aid…

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