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CFR Backgrounder: Mexico’s Drug War

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 2:13pm

CFR Backgrounder: Mexico’s Drug War by Brianna Lee, Danielle Renwick, and Rocio Cara Labrador - Council on Foreign Relations

Mexican authorities have been waging a war against drug trafficking organizations for more than a decade, but with limited success. Thousands of Mexicans, including politicians, students, and journalists, continue to die in the conflict every year. In 2018, homicides hit a new high at more than twenty-eight thousand; many were linked to drug cartels.


Successive U.S. administrations have partnered closely with Mexico in this fight, providing billions of dollars for Mexico to modernize its security forces, reform its judicial system, and make other investments. Washington has also sought to stem the flow of illegal drugs into the United States by bolstering security on its southern border, although a debate has flared over the utility of expanding the physical barrier there…

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