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9/15/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 09/15/2023 - 9:42am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 14, 2023
2. China’s Defense Minister Being Removed From Post, U.S. Officials Say
3. Missing Chinese defense chief signals turmoil in Xi's government
4. 'Good, healthy debate': Eyeing the Indo-Pacific, Army leaders grapple with force structure shake up
5. Ukraine’s Zelenskyy expected to visit Washington next week
6. With eye toward Russia and China, NORTHCOM concludes special mission in the Arctic
7. China appears to have suspended spy balloon program after February shootdown, US intel believes
8. US military is scouting more Philippine bases for shared access, admiral says
9. Personnel Recovery in Horn of Africa | SOF News
10. War Books: Resistance
11. Opinion | A Trip to Ukraine Clarified the Stakes. And They’re Huge. by Thomas L. Friedman
12. Unclassified space strategy outlines how DOD will defend satellites in orbit
13. Department of Defense Releases Space Policy Review and Strategy on Protection of Satellite
14. The Army’s Most Important Warfighting Tool Isn’t A Weapon, It’s A Network
15. When is our 9/11 Moment with China?
16. How a Native Alaskan became a legendary Navy SEAL
17. Two Cheers for the Cold War Liberals (book review)
18. The Myth of Chinese Diversionary War
19. Alongside Military Threats, China Promotes Economic ‘Integration’ With Taiwan
20. Elon Musk’s Starlink service denial in Ukraine war operation prompts Senate scrutiny over his ‘outsized role’

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea, U.S. warn Pyongyang, Moscow's military cooperation violates UNSC resolutions
2. N. Korea's Kim inspects factory producing modern fighter jets in Russia's Far East
3. South Korea, U.S. strengthen deterrence against North amid weapons deal concerns
4. Kim Jong-un's 'pariah' tour continues at Russian fighter jet plant
5. Incheon landing was turning point for war, nation and world
6. North Korea’s silence stalls recovery of America’s war dead
7. US, South Korean, Canadian warships train in Yellow Sea ahead of Incheon anniversary
8. Yoon to Address UN General Assembly on N.Korea-Russia Ties
9. Korea signs agreement on post-war reconstruction of Ukraine
10. Yoon calls for 'peace through strength' during Incheon Landing anniversary
11. Defense minister nominee hints at ditching inter-Korean military pact
12. Secretive Kim-Putin summit
13. Amateur Radio Enthusiast Appeared to Accidentally Overhear US Pilots Training for Raid on North Korean 'VIP' in 2017: Report
14. Kim-Putin Summit: A Sign of Growing Global Instability Caused by Joe Biden’s Incompetence9/15/23 National Security News and Commentary
15. The Arduous March and North Korea's Denial of the Right to Food
16. Hypocritical? Christening of new North Korean submarine raises eyebrows