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6/9/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 06/09/2023 - 8:54am

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National Security News Content:

1. ISW Statement on the Start of Ukrainian Counteroffensive Operations: The Ukrainian counteroffensive has begun.
2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 8, 2023
3. Army Retention on Track, Even as Recruiting Struggles
4.  Researchers Say Military Service Is the 'Single Strongest' Predictor of Violent Extremism
5. Prevalence of Veteran Support for Extremist Groups and Extremist Beliefs
6. The end of Western naivety about China
7. Here are the key theories on what caused Ukraine's catastrophic dam collapse
8. Navy destroyer practices electronic warfare with allied ships after Taiwan Strait incident
9. Naval Mines Have a Place in Great Power Conflict
10. US Sends 2,000 Guard Troops, 100 Aircraft to Unprecedented NATO Exercise Aimed to Deter Russia
11. Blinken’s long-delayed Beijing trip now in planning for next week
12. Pentagon dismisses WSJ report on China spy station in Cuba
13. Kherson is hit by Russian shelling hours after a Zelensky visit.
14. Bad for the Goose, Bad for the Gander: Drone Attacks in Russia Underscore Broader Risks
15. Cuba Spy Station Brings China Rivalry to America’s Doorstep
16.  China Sets Up a Spy Shop in Cuba
17. Drone footage of collapsed Ukrainian dam counters Russian narrative
18. Why Are We in Ukraine?
19. Green Berets Have Struggled for Years with Recruiting, Internal Data Shows
20. The Fake News about Fake News - Boston Review
21. The US Army is facing excessive risk. Here’s how to mitigate that.

Korean News Content:

1. UNSC virtually 'paralyzed' in dealing with N.K. provocations; S. Korea to urge China, Russia to play constructive role: FM
2. N. Korea claims dam collapse in Ukraine occurred with Washington, Kyiv in 'cahoots'
3. S. Korean foreign ministry summons Chinese envoy in protest of comments on Seoul-Washington ties
4. S. Korea aims to form 'healthy' relationship with China: security adviser
5. S. Korea offers to return body of presumed N. Korean man found near western island
6. Navigating South Korea’s Plan for Preemption
7. A chain of North Korean defections is anticipated
8. China reaches out to Korean Assembly to counterweigh Yoon's bet on US
9. S. Korea may see rise in NK defectors as Pyongyang mulls reopening borders
10. There’s history behind S Korea’s nuclear desire
11. China ties will be on equal footing: Yoon’s adviser
12. Kim Yo Jong: The most powerful woman in North Korea
13. 'Dollarization' of North Korean economy, once vital, now potential threat to Kim's rule
14. Captain takes over Naval Forces Korea with his promotion held up over abortion policy
15. North Korea punishes ‘anti-socialist’ behavior with forced farm labor