Small Wars Journal

6/6/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 06/06/2023 - 9:54am

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National Security News Content:

1. A Gold Star mom suggested Fort Liberty as the new name for Fort Bragg

2. Austin Talks Uncertainties of War as Ukraine Prepares Counteroffensive

3. USMC Force Design 2030 Annual Update June 2023

4. Austin Talks Uncertainties of War as Ukraine Prepares Counteroffensive

5. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 5, 2023

6. What is Russia’s Strategy in Ukraine?

7. At Normandy D-Day celebrations, echoes of Ukraine’s looming fight

8. Ukraine Conflict Update - June 6, 2023 | SOF News

9. What we know about Nova Kakhovka dam attack

10. Wagner mercenaries capture Russian brigade commander

11. 'The Torch of Freedom:' Remarks by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III Commemorating 79 Years Since D-Day (As Prepared)

12. Army Wants Confederate Names Gone from National Ranger Memorial. Retired Soldiers Object

13. Ukraine Conflict Update - June 6, 2023 | SOF News

14. As Army Chief McConville Prepares To Depart, His Service Is In Its Best Shape In Decades

15. Marine Corps pushes ‘dramatic change’ for its reconnaissance forces

16. Opinion | Sunday’s sonic boom was the sound of a system that’s working

17. The Pentagon is to blame for industrial base failures

18. The Debt Deal’s Defense Threat

19. Defend ‘every inch’ of NATO territory? New strategy is a work in progress.

20. Destruction of Ukraine Dam Floods Front Line, Scrambling Battle Plans

21. What are disinformation and extremism? And why should troops be aware?

22. A Sanctuary No Longer? Examining the Defense Department’s Prioritization of the Homeland

23. 6 Swing States Will Decide the Future of Geopolitics

24. A Convocation of Spies

25. How to Read Xi Jinping: Is China Really Preparing for War?

26. Ground Rules for the Age of AI Warfare

27. Why Marcos Jr is poking and not appeasing China

28. Remembering D-Day: Key facts and figures about epochal World War II invasion

Korean News Content:

1. 4 Chinese, 4 Russian military planes enter S. Korea's air defense zone without notice: S. Korean military

2. Yoon says alliance with U.S. upgraded to 'nuclear-based alliance'

3. North Korea orders city workers, students to farms amid escalating starvation deaths

4. Famine, Disease and Slavery: This is Life in North Korea

5. Suicide spike in North Korea prompts Kim Jong Un to issue prevention order

6. ‘N. Korea miniaturizes nuclear warheads, capable of striking New York’

7. Extended deterrence group expected to meet next month

8. USFK to run space-based early warning system with allies

9. ROK-US alliance's strategy for building free, unified Korea

10. [Editorial] Trilateral cooperation

11. Export dependency on China wanes

12. From Provocations And Deterrence To Preparing For Unification: Why An Information Campaign Is Vital To Political Warfare In Korea



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