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5/6/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 05/06/2022 - 7:00am

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National Security News Content:

3. U.S. provided intelligence that helped Ukraine sink Russian warship
4. Army Creating Second Paratrooper Division as Service Forges New Identity for Arctic Troops
5. Andy Levin’s ‘Two-State Bill’ Won’t Support Middle East Peace
6. Defenders inside Ukrainian steel mill refuse to surrender
7. How millions of Russians are tearing holes in the Digital Iron Curtain
8. Ukraine Brutally Trolls Putin With App Tracking Russian Deaths
9. Why the Philippine election could be a win for China
10. Can the Intelligence Community Tell What’s Brewing in Afghanistan?
11. A View From the Trenches on the Debate Wracking the Marine Corps
12. Russia Just Lost Its Most Advanced Operational Tank In Ukraine
13. An Airfield Too Far: Failures at Market Garden and Antonov Airfield
14. Pentagon in damage control mode over report that US intel was used to kill Russian generals
15. NCOs: America Has Them, China Wants Them, Russia is Struggling Without Them
16. China Likely to Use ‘Nuclear Coercion’ in Bid to Take Taiwan by 2027, STRATCOM Chief Says
17. How to Save the Postwar Order
18. The Trouble With “the Free World”
19. Why the battle for Mariupol is important for Vladimir Putin.
20. U.S. offers assurances to Sweden, Finland over NATO application
21. NSA cyber boss seeks to discourage vigilante hacking against Russia
22. For first time, France talks openly about sending weapons to Ukraine

Korean News Content:

1. US assesses that North Korea may be ready to conduct underground nuclear test this month
2. North Koreans roll their eyes during May Day lectures about socialism's superiority
3. U.S., South Korean Defense Leaders Condemn North Korean Missile Launch
4. The Mirage of Kim-Moon-Trump (KMT) Summit Diplomacy
5. U.S. Senate unanimously approves Goldberg as new ambassador to S. Korea
6. Biden will reaffirm U.S. commitment to defense of S. Korea, Japan through Asia tour: Psaki
7. U.S. remains capable of defending homeland against N. Korean missiles: Gen. VanHerck
8. Unification ministry to hold cultural events for N. Korean defectors next week
9. North Korea: Kim’s Power Play Trap And Nuclear Brinkmanship – Analysis
10. New Ransomware Variant Linked to North Korean Cyber Army
11. S. Korea's spy agency joins NATO cyber defense group
12. From Kim-Trump summits to missile tests: The failures of South Korea's President Moon
13. Kim Jong-un Doubles Down on Nuclear Threat
14. N. Koreans face their worst spring famine since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic
15. N. Korea issues new KPW 50,000 cash vouchers for use in commercial transactions
16. N.Korean Missile Test 'Fails'