Small Wars Journal

5/26/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 05/26/2023 - 9:35am

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National Security News Content:

1.  Army Special Operations Could Be Cut 10% as Military Looks to Conventional Warfare

2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 25, 2023

3. Winning without fighting? Why China is exploring 'cognitive warfare.'

4. Navy Report Details How Problems Mounted at Brutal SEAL Course

5. Praise rolls in for Biden’s Joint Chiefs pick, but confirmation may hit a snag

6. New strategic threat emerging as weapons seek to target brain function, inflict neurological damage

7. Biden, McCarthy looking to close US debt ceiling deal for two years

8. China's military has become an untouchable nationalist symbol. Artists and comedians are finding out the hard way

9. Is the Biden Administration Going Soft on China?

10. Pressure Mounts for U.S. Response After China’s Micron Ban

11. U.S. warns China could hack infrastructure, including pipelines, rail systems

12. China’s “Blue Dragon” Strategy in the Indo-Pacific Makes America and India Restless

13. Who Won the Cold War? Part I

14. Expert Backgrounder: Title I of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act vs. Section 702

15. The end of dollar supremacy

16. US Army receives mixed signals from industry on ‘radio as a service’

17. The Art of Supply Chain Interdiction: To Win Without Fighting

18. A Nuclear Collision Course in South Asia

19. Sad Reality: The Ukraine War Is Now Going Russia's Way

20. Army reorganizing program offices for network and cyber ops, UAVs may be next: Officials

21. What a debt default would mean for national security

22. The Kremlin Has a Security Problem

Korean News Content:

1. U.S., South Korea hold largest-ever live-fire drill near DMZ

2. South Korea launches first commercial-grade satellite, as North Korea plans first spy satellite

3. US has credible deterrence against NK, seeks to institutionalize trilateral cooperation with S. Korea, Japan: officials

4. Can free and unified Korea create economy aimed toward its youth?

5. N. Korea sends hacking emails using fake accounts

6. Why North and South Korea Have Big Ambitions in Space: An ‘Unblinking Eye’

7. The U.S. and South Korea Hold Largest-Ever Live-Fire Drills

8. Kim's daughter seen in public may be his 1st child: head of state-run think tank

9. Pyongyang slams EU for 'inciting hostility' on Korean Peninsula

10. Presidential office denies Japanese news report on Yoon's possible visit to Ukraine

11. South Korean Artillery Supply Allows U.S. to Delay Decision on Cluster Munitions for Ukraine

12. Unification ministry's NK report disclaimer creates controversy

13. North Korea’s War Against Outside Information and Culture

14. North Korea to Send More IT Workers Abroad to Fund Arms, US Says

15. 5 Nuri rocket satellites make successful communication



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