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5/2/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 05/02/2022 - 9:35am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ukraine Is Now America’s War, Too
3. Infographic: The weapons and equipment the US has given Ukraine so far
4. As battle for Ukraine enters a new phase, so does lethal US aid
5. Can the US Deter a Taiwan Invasion?
6. Blasts, Bombs, And Drones: Amid Carnage In Ukraine, A Shadow War On The Russian Side Of The Border
7. China’s Ukraine Conundrum
8. Ukraine’s Digital Fight Goes Global
9. Putin's War - May 2, 2022 Update | SOF News
10. Putin's chief of staff Valery Gerasimov is 'wounded by shrapnel after being sent to Ukraine
11. Ukraine says it destroyed Russia's Izyum command center, killing 200 but just missing Russia's top general
12. Russia Recasts Fight in Ukraine as War With the West
13. With Russia’s War on Ukraine, Kinzinger Introduces New AUMF
14. Taiwan considers alternatives after U.S. informs of howitzer delay
15. Ukraine’s Digital Battle With Russia Isn’t Going as Expected
16. Biden’s Dangerous New Ukraine Endgame: No Endgame
17. Russia says it's pulling out of International Space Station over sanctions
18. Iran Increases Funding for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
19. Beijing’s Ukrainian Battle Lab
20. An Assessment of Thinking Big About Future Warfare
21. Xi Jinping Is Fighting a War for China’s History
22. Foil the Financiers of Iran’s Terrorism
23. Cleo Paskal: China’s Agreement with Solomon Islands & Implications for Security in the Pacific
24. Palestinian Islamic Jihad Claims New Drone Added to its Military Capabilities
25. Russia Isn’t a Military State. It’s a Delusional One
26. Data as a Weapon: Psychological Operations in the Age of Irregular Information Threats
27. War and Adjustment: Military Campaigns and National Strategy
28. Laurence of Arabia for modern times: SAS ride CAMELS in fight against ISIS

Korean News Content:

1. Why North Korea Wants Nuclear Weapons: Korean Unification By John Bolton
2. S. Korea analyzing former N.K. nuke envoy's return to public view
3. How North Korean Paranoia Enwrapped an 85-Year-Old American
4.  FM nominee cautious on additional THAAD deployment
5. S.Korea should stand firm on security issues against China: FM nominee
6. Kim Jong-un Keeps Threatening Preemptive Nuclear Strikes
7. Beijing concerned with rising North Korea tensions, envoy says in Seoul
8. North Korean leader praises youth for their role in recent military parade
9. Hoeryong’s security agency arrests party cadre for leaking secret documents
10. Explaining the Impasse in Japan’s Relations with North Korea
11. Kim Jong Un orders nuclear energy ministry to visit candidate sites for new nuclear power plant
12. N. Koreans working for Li-Ning contractor are suffering from low pay and back-breaking work
13. Colombia chooses South Korea’s TA-50, FA-50 as next jet trainers, officials say
14. Most Seoul citizens walk around with masks on despite eased rules