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4/29/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 04/29/2022 - 10:55am

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National Security News Content:

2. Remarks by President Biden on the Request to Congress for Additional Funding to Support Ukraine
3. Biden Asks Congress for $33 Billion to Support Ukraine
4. Pentagon Downplays $7B in US Military Equipment Left in Afghanistan
5. The story of Trevor Reed, the Marine veteran released in Russia prisoner swap
6. Russian spy chief says U.S., Poland plotting division of Ukraine
7. Ground-Based Intermediate-Range Missiles in the Indo-Pacific
8. Testimony on United States Special Operations Command’s efforts to sustain the readiness (SASC)
9. Russian soldier 'admits 25,900 troops have been killed in just two months of fighting' in call intercepted by Ukraine
10. America Needs a Comprehensive Compellence Strategy Against Russia
11.Russia’s Sarmat test underscores need to modernize US nuclear triad
12. The 'Mozart Group' Hopes To Save Ukrainians Trapped In A Steel Plant
13. How to Deter China from Making War
14. US Congress passes law to help Taiwan regain WHO status
15. Presidential Office slams local newspaper for slight against U.S. senator - Focus Taiwan
16. China says Nato has ‘messed up Europe’ and warns over role in Asia-Pacific
17. The War in Ukraine Is a Colonial War
18. The Marine Corps' Intellectual Civil War
19. What is a ‘tactical’ nuke, and would Putin use one?
20. Going underground: Ukraine’s subterranean fighters
21. How Not to Invade a Nation

Korean News Content:

1. South Korea arrests two for passing military secrets to North
2. North Korea's Kim calls for stronger military as nuclear test work 'well underway'
3. South Korea to reopen embassy in Kyiv
4. Continued restoration work spotted at N. Korea's nuclear test site: report
5. Punggye-ri Update: Construction and Volleyball - Beyond Parallel
6. N. Korea-China trade fair resumes after 7-yr halt over U.N. sanctions
7. 25% of Yongsan Garrison to be returned before Biden’s Seoul visit
8. Yoon to hold summit with Biden on May 21
9. Moon says there are not only cons but also pros to pardoning ex-President Lee
10. First summit between Yoon and Biden should show strength of alliance
11. New York Times keeps growing its Seoul news hub
12. Army captain leaks military secrets to North Korean spy for cryptocurrency
13. US guided-missile destroyer docks in South Korea after transiting Taiwan Strait: source
14. FM nominee vows to push for Chinese leader's visit to S. Korea
15. Strengthen alliance (ROK/US)
16. Japanese PM unlikely to attend Yoon’s inauguration ceremony: reports
17. North Korea’s Missile Message
18. Otto Warmbier’s parents return to University of Virginia for first time since son’s death
19. The Australian factor in South Korea’s security strategy
20. USFK Practice Seizing Underground Nuclear Facility
21. Korea’s Yoon angling for a Japan reset