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4/22/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 04/22/2022 - 8:55am

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National Security News Content:

2. The Return of Statecraft – Back to Basics in the Post-American World
3. Ukraine Endgame: Putin’s Bad Options
4. North Korea’s sanctions evasion points way for Russians to bypass the west
5. White House appoints Ukraine security aid coordinator
6. Putin's Ukraine Nightmare Is Getting Worse: America Is Sending More Arms
7. How Ukraine's mud became a secret weapon in its defense against Russia
8. After 20,000 Dead Troops Putin Suddenly Claims to Care About Their Lives
9. Opinion | The only plausible path to keep the pressure on Russia
10. US Navy shoots down drone with electric-powered laser in historic first
11. Putin’s price for ending his war? A way to sell it as a victory – no matter the truth
12. Remarks By President Biden Providing an Update on Russia and Ukraine
13. Exclusive: Ex-CIA analyst says she ‘got bloodied’ in tangled U.S. war on Al Qaeda
14. 1st Special Forces Group Soldiers Experiment with Unmanned Battle Systems
15.  Remarks by President Biden Before Meeting with the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Combatant Commanders
16. What Does Joe Biden Hope to Achieve in Ukraine?
17.  NATO Must Welcome Ukraine
18. What Does the West Want in Ukraine?
19. Ukraine Can Win – The Case Against Compromise
20. What the PLA Is Learning From Russia’s Ukraine Invasion
21. The Endless War in Ukraine By Douglas Macgregor
22. Indo-Pacific Economic Framework: Why America Must Ensure Taiwan Is Included
23. Next Phase of War Will Be Pivotal for Russia and Ukraine, U.S. Says
24. FDD | China’s COVID-19 Crisis Threatens to Derail Xi’s Ambitious Economic Agenda
25. Ukraine War News - April 22, 2022 | SOF News
26. FDD | New State Department Report Admits Iran May Be Hiding Nuclear Activities
27. Israel has a KC-46 problem. Here’s the solution.
29. How Israel’s Minority Government Can Stay in Power
30. USSOCOM Invests $10M in Jet Boots Dive Propulsion Systems
31. Lawsuits against Alex Jones are a new strategy in curbing conspiracy theories
32. Civic Education Requires Liberal Education

Korean News Content:

1. Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Exchanges Letters with S. Korean President
2. N.K. leader exchanges letters with President Moon: state media
3. S. Korea successfully test-launched two SLBMs earlier this week: gov't sources
4. Fire detected at Kaesong industrial complex in N. Korea
5. South Koreans don’t care much about Ukraine war?
6. Reducing military exercises for dialogue with N. Korea a proven path to failure: Harris
7. US only seeks 'peaceful' denuclearization of Korean Peninsula: State Dept.
8. Military to resume reserve forces' field training on eased COVID-19 rules
9. Veterans minister to attend funeral of decorated US Korean War hero
10. Japan's foreign ministry keeps Dokdo claim in annual policy report
11. Mystery drone: How the Air Force fast-tracked a new weapon for Ukraine
12. Why are Koreans obsessed with 'elevating national prestige?'
13. North Korea’s security agency hands down measure in response to US-ROK military exercise
14. Missives and missiles fly as Korea’s Moon fades away
15. EU sanctions those linked to North Korean nuclear arms program
16. Cooking oil prices in North Korea remain high despite more imports
17. #N. Korean leader commends Moon’s efforts in rare letter. What’s behind it?
18. North Korea's Kim offers rare praise for South's departing Moon