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4/20/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 04/20/2022 - 9:11am

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National Security News Content:

2. By now it’s clear: Sanctions are not stopping Putin
3. Mechanisms of Coercion: Strategic Bombing Lessons for Economic Sanctions
4. A View of Past and Future Wars on Taiwan
5. US a ‘co-belligerent’ in Ukraine war, legal expert says
6. Sanctions Are Strangling Russia's Weapons Supply Chain
7. Ukraine's Ability To Withstand Russian Artillery Critical To Fight For Donbas
8. Pentagon: Russia has lost about 25% of its combat power originally used in the Ukraine invasion
9. Who has the advantage in the war for eastern Ukraine?
10. Biden’s cybersecurity budget good start; Congress needs to fill the gaps
11. How U.S.-Saudi Relations Reached the Breaking Point
12. Garuda Shield: Indonesia tilting to US against China
13. Analysis | Does Russia sell nearly $1 billion in uranium to the U.S. a year?
14. Guest Opinion: Another Ukraine crisis in Asia-Pacific?
15. Biden vows to send Ukraine more artillery as Congress pushes for military aid czar
16. Russia’s latest military failures polarise society even more
17. How Ukraine Won the Battle for Kyiv
18. Sweeter Carrots and Harder Sticks: Rethinking U.S. Security Assistance
19. Land Navigation Is Coming Back to the Army's Basic Leader Course
20. Russia's War on Ukraine - April 20, 2022 | SOF News
21. Chinese President Xi Jinping's New Role in Ukraine
22. U.S. 'strategic ambiguity' over Taiwan must end
23. Bring the Reforger exercises back to Europe
24. The Last Chapter in Putin's War
25. What If the War in Ukraine Doesn’t End?
26. Made in the Alliance
27.  Fahrenheit 2022: A Spasm of Book Banning
28. How Diverse Democracies Can Protect Their Citizens
29. AOC Running for President in 2024? Here's Why It Could Happen

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea is committed to an 'alarming change' in its nuclear policy, professor says
2. Why are tensions rising on the Korean Peninsula?
3. How Can S.Korea Counter Kim Jong-un's Nukes?
4. Subdued Celebration of Kim Il-Sung’s Birth Stuns Western Officials
5. After Kim’s missile test, South Korea-US drills kick off
6. N. Korea uncooperative on Seoul's bid to confirm fate of Mount Kumgang facilities: ministry
7. S. Korea to set up task force on new U.S.-led economic framework
8. Locals mobilized to work on construction projects following Kim Jong Un’s visit to satellite launching station
9. N. Korea's massive military parade seems imminent, satellite imagery suggests
10. FM nominee meets U.S. nuclear envoy to discuss N. Korea policy
11. S.Korea's incoming president meets U.S. envoy on North Korea
12. Yoon holds private meeting with visiting US nuclear envoy
13. What will be South Korea's stance on Taiwan?
14. Working-level U.S. delegation due in Seoul to discuss potential Yoon-Biden summit: official
15. FM's residence emerges as key candidate for presidential residence
16. It’s Time for K-pop Stars to Speak Out on Human Rights
17. N. Korea tightens regional travel amid official warnings about COVID-19 “stealth variant”