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4/19/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 04/19/2022 - 9:17am

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National Security News Content:

2. An Interview with Richard D. Clarke (JFQ)
3. Rediscovering the Value of Special Operations (JFQ)
4. Making the Case for a Joint Special Operations Profession (JFQ)
5. How a Mariupol steel plant became a holdout for the city’s resistance
6. Use of Army’s prepositioned ‘afloat’ equipment is expected to grow in the Pacific
7. Russia forces attacking along broad east front, Ukraine says
8. Three US Army vehicle upgrade programs look smart after Russia's Ukraine debacle
9. Special Operations Command Targets Vehicle Upgrades
10. The West Is As Poorly Prepared to Help Taiwan As It Was for Ukraine
11.  US troops to train Ukrainian forces on howitzers in coming days
12. Paratroopers with the 173rd Airborne Brigade fire live Stinger missiles in Croatia
13. Russia’s Military: Failure on an Awesome Scale
14. Hearts Not Minds: Morale and Inspiration in Insurgency and Territorial Defense
15. Russia's special-operations forces are under fire in Ukraine
16. Special Operations News Update - April 19, 2022 | SOF News
17. Ad execs and car salesmen: Meet the Ukrainian volunteers fighting back against Russia
18. Putin’s May 9 problem: Can there be a Victory Day in Russia with nothing to celebrate?
19. Russia's War for the Donbas Begins: What Happens if Putin Can't Win?
20. FDD | What is the Future of Cyber Deterrence?
21. White House finally awakens to PRC capture of Solomon Islands
22. Analysis: Hamas-Led Militant Groups Create Strife at Al-Aqsa Mosque
23. Beijing Is Used to Learning From Russian Failures
24. Pentagon, industry wrestle with how to boost weapons production for Ukraine
25. How Ukraine War Is Changing The World Order – OpEd
26. Russia’s favorite war propagandist is a Navy veteran from Missouri

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea's weapons system test seen as boosting short-range nuclear capabilities
2. U.S. will listen to N. Korea's concerns but only through dialogue: State Dept.
3. Seoul urges Pyongyang to stop provocations, resume dialogue
4. Economy and security risks to be managed by presidential office (South Korea)
5. State Department says Korea is totally safe to visit
6. North's gearing up for military parade
7. North Korea likely to resume show of force to commemorate multiple anniversaries
8. Russian, Chinese warplanes entered S. Korea's air defense zone last month
9. Unification minister holds talks with US nuclear envoy on N. Korea
10. North Korea's nuclear doctrine
11. Going nuclear (nuclear energy in South Korea)
12. US government warns that North Korea is targeting crypto firms
13. Yoon to invite 41,000 for his inauguration ceremony amid eased virus distancing