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3/20/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 03/20/2022 - 12:08pm

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National Security News Content:

2. Its offensive slowed, Russia uses long-range missiles to devastating effect.
3. Russia’s Halting Progress in Attack on Ukraine Puts Focus on Resupply Efforts
4. Here are 5 reasons to keep a no-fly zone in Ukraine on the table
5. War in Ukraine: America is learning the art of humility
6. Opinion | Why You Haven’t Heard About the Secret Cyberwar in Ukraine
7. Ukraine: Mariupol school sheltering civilians hit by bomb — live updates - Belarusian rail connections to Ukraine reportedly cut
8. Anonymous: How hackers are trying to undermine Putin
9. US veterans tell us why they are traveling thousands of miles to help in Ukraine
10. 'We win, they lose': America must end the danger Putin poses
11.  Kyiv calling: famous Clash anthem reborn as call to arms
12. Russia throws untrained civilians from occupied Donbas into hot spots of its war in Ukraine
13. Owning A ShortWave Radio Is Once Again A Subversive Activity
14.  How the West Can Win a Global Power Struggle
15. Week in politics: Consequences for China; Zelenskyy asks for help; Court confirmation
16. Army Officer Tulsi Gabbard Faces Ire for Peddling Russian Disinformation About Ukraine Biolabs
17. US Cyber Command wants more information operations specialists

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea fires 4 suspected shots from multiple rocket launchers into Yellow Sea: officials
2. Time to reconstitute pressure on Pyongyang
3. North Korea preparing to test-fire 'monster missile'
4. Yoon's first response to North Korea provocations likely to determine course for next 5 years
5. Presidential office to move to Yongsan
6. [INTERVIEW] Ex-lawmaker backs presidential relocation to Yongsan
7. Hasty relocation decision - New presidential office plan lacks consensus
8. Yoon personally sells his move to Yongsan
9. Yoon confirms presidential office to relocate to Yongsan by May