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3/17/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 03/17/2023 - 9:44am

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National Security News Content:

1. Competitive Global Engagement: Strategic Communications and Public Diplomacy for the New Era (New Report from Robert Gates)
2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 16, 2023
3. Who Blew Up Nord Stream? Investigators Focus on Six Mysterious Passengers on a Yacht
4. Bakhmut: Russian casualties mount but tactics evolve
5. Poland says it foiled a Russian spy ring seeking to sabotage arms shipments to Ukraine.
6. Now Army Has Operational Imperatives Too, Copying Air Force
7. U.S. Commander: ISIS in Afghanistan 6 Months Away From Foreign Attack Capability
8. A Spy Wants to Connect With You on LinkedIn
9. China roars as US presses ByteDance to sell TikTok
10. Ukraine’s Cyber Defense Offers Lessons for Taiwan
11. US, Chinese commands in Pacific aren’t talking, says Indo-Pacific boss
12. China’s Xi to Meet Putin in Moscow Next Week
13. VA to change its motto, dropping male-only language
14. Why the US military should build modular nuclear reactors
15. Reaper Down: Three Takeaways from Russia’s Intercept of a US Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
16. Beijing Looks to Get Economic Projects Up and Running in Myanmar
17. Virginia government tells elite high school to ‘cut ties’ with Chinese government
18. Pentagon starts work on secretive experiment to aid long-range fires
19. Myanmar is a failing state, led by a junta fuelled by Russian arms, says UN rights envoy
20. Launch Under Attack: A Sword of Damocles
21. Military Chief Says US Will Defend Indo-Pacific Freedoms
22. The Surprising Success of U.S. Military Aid to Ukraine

Korean News Content:

1. DPRK (North Korea): Arria-formula Meeting on the Human Rights Situation
2. N. Korea test-fired Hwasong-17 ICBM in warning to enemies holding allied drills: state media
3. Yoon, Kishida bond over drinks at popular eatery
4. Allies to resume large-scale amphibious drills next week after 5-year hiatus
5. Why South Koreans should have access to Pyongyang's propaganda media
6. [ANALYSIS] Too early to hail success of Korea-Japan summit
7. ‘Hunting rifles’ — really? China ships assault weapons and body armor to Russia
8. NK leader says nuclear buildup is to ‘strike fear into enemies’
9. Main opposition slams Korea-Japan summit as 'most humiliating' moment in diplomacy
10. PacNet #14 - South Korea's Indo-Pacific pivot strategy
11. South Korea Could Get Away With the Bomb
12. N. Korean family in Rason rumored to have made soup out of pet dog
13. N. Korean state security officers use remittance brokers to take money from defector families
14. Military Chief Says US Will Defend Indo-Pacific Freedoms
15. The US defector to North Korea no one ever hears about